Project xCloud Is Coming To Game Pass, Will Support Sony Controllers

It’s not available in Australia yet, but Project xCloud is currently live overseas for Android users. It’ll come to more platforms next year, including PC. When it finally arrives in Australia you’ll be able to use a range of Bluetooth controllers, including those from your PlayStation 4, and you’ll get full access if you’re an Xbox Game Pass subscriber.

Microsoft announced the news during their X019 conference in London this morning. The preview for Project xCloud isn’t available yet in Australia — the streaming tech preview is only available in United States, the United Kingdom and South Korea, and Western Europe, Canada, India and Japan will get it next year.

But when it does come to Australia, chances are you’ll get access straight away. Xbox Game Pass will get Project xCloud support next year, so if you’re a subscriber to that then you’ll be able to stream all games from the service to your phone. When you do want to get xCloud running, note that you’ll need a minimum of a 10Mbps down connection through Wi-Fi or your phone, and if you’re going through Wi-Fi you’ll want to be connected to the 5GHz band.

You can rewatch the announcement as part of the XO19 conference, which is still live and can be viewed in full via YouTube below.


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