PS4 Remote Play Is A Lot Better Now

PS4 Remote Play Is A Lot Better Now

If you’ve wanted to stream Death Stranding to your iPad or phone, but you’ve not wanted to go through the misery of on-screen controls, good news! Sony’s Remote Play feature, which was already half decent on a computer, is now a little bit better.

A new update to Remote Play has added DualShock support for devices running iOS 13 and most Android devices with Android 10, meaning you won’t have the entirety of the screen dominated by all the virtual controls needed to play the game. There was DualShock support initially, but you needed to have a Sony Xperia phone. That support has since been rolled out to most Android devices with Android 10, which covers the Pixel 3 and 4 line, latest Xiaomi line, this year’s Samsung devices and the Note10 series, Huawei’s P30 and Mate 20 lines, the OnePlus 5, 6 and 7 phones, a bunch of Nokia devices if you have one of those for whatever reason, and more.

You can still use Remote Play with older Android, iOS and Mac devices, and if you’re playing on Mac and PC you can use a wired PS4 controller or a wireless one via bluetooth.

But having the bluetooth support for phones means Remote Play is, on a functional level, actually playable. You could always run it before, but so much of your screen space was dominated by either your thumbs or translucent buttons, which ruined the whole experience.

Also, let’s just appreciate that there’s a Sony ad that still features the PS Vita in it. God bless, PS Vita.

If you want to give Remote Play a whirl, it’s best if your PS4 is connected via a network cable. You’ll get the best results with a wired PC and Mac — the app can be downloaded here — but if you have a good 5GHz connection with your phone and the PS4 is plugged in via Ethernet, the experience should still be OK. You’ll need the latest PS4 system software as well.

Android users can head here for the Remote Play app, while Apple users can use this link or find PS4 Remote Play through the App Store.


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