Image: Vanna O'Brien (Kotaku)

It's been a while since we've drawn some games. Let's get back into the groove, shall we?

This game isn't something you might recognise immediately — although if you've played it, you will know what it is because it has a super distinctive art style. But to help you along, it's from a game that's been in the news this week. (Local news, not US news.)

Good luck!


    GRIS. It's on my must play list which continually grows by the minute. Beautiful art style.

      Almost correct. It's actually pronounced 'GRIS'.

        Weird, I thought it was pronounced 'GRIS'.

          A common mistake. The best way to remember it is with the pneumonic 'Grr, Gray Geese Grease Gives Guys Gastric '. That way, you'll never forget how sad and horny you are. :thumbup:

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