Some Call Of Duty Players Find Themselves Spawning In Mid-Air

Some Call Of Duty Players Find Themselves Spawning In Mid-Air

Call of Duty matches can be fast-paced slaughterhouses, which is why the game usually respawns you away from other players and, uh, on the ground. Recently, players have been noticing that’s not always the case.

“Incredible, just incredible,” Reddit user McNugg2710 said in a November 22 post of a video showing them respawning out in mid-air and then getting immediately shot by an opponent. That clip, first reported on by Eurogamer, is now just one of many that have started popping up showing players falling helplessly from the sky in front of enemy campers.

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In one video posted yesterday, a player is seemingly killed before they even hit the ground. In another posted this morning by Reddit user MD9564, three players can be seen spawning out of the air in the same small area before getting blown away by an opponent, all within the span of a second.

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It’s not clear how widespread these sky-spawns are; Kotaku has reached out to Activision to clarify and has yet to hear back. Regardless, this particular issue goes hand-in-hand with more general complaints that the newest Modern Warfare’s respawn system is leaving players vulnerable to campers who sit and wait for new people to pop out of the video game ether for easy kills. Falling out of the air in these scenarios just makes players that much more helpless. The game received patches on both November 22 and November 25, but neither seems to have fully addressed these issues.

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“If there’s no where safe to spawn me, don’t fucking spawn me, I can wait,” wrote one frustrated player. Of course, Call of Duty multiplayer has always been a bit of a meat grinder due to how quickly players can move and the game’s notoriously low time-to-kill. But it’s certainly nice to at least have a chance to hit the ground running first before getting sprayed with a 725 shotgun as soon as you turn a corner.

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