Star Wars Getting An Official Kabuki Adaptation

Image: Mantan Web

Ichikawa Ebizo XI will star in and supervise the official kabuki adaptation of Star Wars. The famed actor will play Kylo Ren. 

According to Mantan Web, the kabuki adaptation will feature scenes from each of the films in the latest trilogy. The performance, however, will be for one night only on November 28 in Tokyo. Ebizo is quoted as saying that whether you’re a fan of Star Wars or kabuki, this will be a stage performance to be enjoyed. 

I cannot wait to see the make-up and costumes for this adaptation. 

This isn’t the only big-time kabuki version of late. Next month, an adaptation of Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind is also scheduled to open. 


    Remember when Scarlett Johansson got absolutely hammered for playing Major in GitS because she's a white woman playing a Japanese cyborg...

    I look forward to those same people having a sook about this also

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