Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order Is One Big Video Game Smoothie, And It’s Delicious


Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order from Respawn Entertainment is a wild blend of Prince of Persia, Uncharted, Dark Souls, and Metroid, and it fits so perfectly inside of the Star Wars universe. It feels both familiar and inventive all at once. While it sure ain’t perfect, it’s a hell of a ride through that galaxy I love so damn much.

Check out the video above to see the game in action and what I think so far. Our review should be up next week too, so stay tuned!


  • I was entirely uninterested until I saw Respawn mentioned. I forgot they were making a Star Wars game.

    Might need to run Origin for the first time in about 18 months.

    • Been playing it for around 4 hours now. It’s great. Lightsabre combat is the most fluid there’s ever been in a Star Wars game, the controls are excellent (possibly a tad lightfooted…) and the platforming is incredibly solid. This easily sits up with XWing, Tie Fighter and Dark Forces 1 and 2 as a Star Wars classic for the ages 🙂

        • A mix of both honestly I think? But not clunky like TFU was in the end (a great game but the controls at times were pretty annoying). The controls are fairly simple (hold L1 to block, tap it before a bolt hits you to deflect it back at a trooper for example. Same button is used to defend against melee). So far square is slash and triangle is overhead thwomp with the saber. Other moves are opening up to me such as a running slice which can also turn into an overhead leap. The combat also seems context sensetive. If you’re whittling them down in health you’ll possibly do an execution move, if you do the same attack from a different side it looks slightly different. It’s very, very well put together. If theoretically they ever did a pvp of this (I mean, they arent but still), this would rival Academy imho for fluidity of controls.

          • oh well here hoping dismemberment of stormtroopers comes in a patch then and i might get it. but then again i was burnt with code vein and few other games that have dark souls combat controls

          • If dismemberment of Stormtroopers is your deciding factor on whether or not you buy the game, you need to have a good hard think about why you even play games at all.

          • Im sorry but i just find it hard to believe that somehow the empire is able to make so that all the stormtrooper armour is made of Cortosis

  • I just realised that the second and ninth sisters of the Inquistorium are in the game.
    I thought the second looked familiar but seeing the ninth made it click.

    That’s cool

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