Super Mario 64 Land, An Enormous Fan-Made Mario Game, Is Out Now

Superstar Mario modder Kaze Emanuar, whose work we’ve featured here a ton, has a huge new project out today: Super Mario 64 Land, an all-new Mario game based on Super Mario 64 that adds new levels, new bosses, new powerups and new music.

There’s a catch—it’s technically a mod for Super Mario 64, not a full standalone executable, so you’ll need a ROM to play it—but whatever, that’s an easy workaround.

Here’s a trailer, showing off how it introduces more contemporary Mario items into the N64 engine, like 3D World’s catsuit:

There are download and installation instructions in the video’s description.



      Maybe. But the modder has already shown off what they can do. If they are going to leverage anything out of their work, it's now public enough that anyone interested in working with them can track down the files if need me. Sounds like they won to me.

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