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Comments about that weather?

      Its cold in the morning, but come 10am its already a scorcher. I really wish I could close the door to my work.

    I just finished heavensward, FF14's first expansion. I only have one job at 60, so now it's time for all the others to play catchup.
    Then, onto the next expansion!

    Protip: if you want to get a decent night's sleep, don't buy a new automation game after dinner (Factory Town)... especially if you already have one you can play on your phone before bed (Mindustry)... now I should really get an early night after yesterday, but those little conveyor belts to bring planks to the workshop won't build themselves...

    Hit maybe endgame headphones with a set of Beyerdynamic T1 Gen 2's yesterday. I'm suitably impressed.

      What were you running before these?

        AT R70's & BT 880's

          edit: NVM, was thinking the AT's were an older Audio Technica pair of headphones.

      High end Beyerdynamics are excellent. I've been running with the T5p gen 2 for a while and they're superb quality, very clean neutral sound stage.

        Question though, and it might just be a burn in thing, or something else in the path, but do you find your T5's aren't that great with violins and electric guitars? Drums and bass are excellent, vocals are pretty good, but having a little issue with the above.

          I can't say I've had a problem with them, but aural acuity goes down as you get older so maybe I'm just not noticing the differences as much any more. Personally I think the bass can be a touch flat at times, but I've got nothing but praise for the mid- and high-range. Of course, if you only got them two days ago then it could be burn-in.

          I don't have experience with the other sets you mentioned, but I have noticed that people used to warm or otherwise-coloured sets coming to the high end Beyers can feel like the neutral sound on the latter is a bit clinical. Worth keeping in mind I guess, even if it doesn't apply here.

            The R70's are a fairly neutral reference pair, the DT880's are sorta the studio (and much cheaper) version of the T1's.

            I reduced the gain, and thats actually helped a bit. Oddly, I'm finding live guitars are generally rather nice, but mastered stuff, particularly metal, is still all a bit flat. I've also got a balanced cable coming as well to see if that'll help.

            Still, I've rather enjoyed going thru my music. These things are rather analytical, and with jazz, most orchestral and electronic music, are a dream to listen with.

    I just started playing Gears 5 and I have a question: why does horde mode take 2 FUCKING HOURS to play? Who has that kind of time and patience?

    Finally finished my first Hard mode playthrough of Three Houses, Silver Snow. Total playtime was 150:06, but you could probably add another 10 hours from tea party resets and some poor battles.

    I’m now playing through Maddening, and spent a few hours failing on the tower last night. I blame Gilbert’s suicidal A.I.

    Calling it now.

    The upcoming modern warfare on release will cause some media publications to flip out, But the game will still sell millions on release rendering their flip-out meaningless.

    The flip outs have already started beginning and I cant wait to see more whinging about things in the modern warfare reboot.

      Have you played the beta?

        Played a little at a mates house. I like how the game feels compared to previous games. The gameplay itself feels a lot more weight compared to previous games that essentially felt like laser tag.

          Yeah, I played the beta and really enjoyed it, and this is someone who hasn't bought a COD since MW2 and hasn't enjoyed one since the original MW. Battlefield is more my thing these days, but this new MW just FEELS good. Just standing there shooting at a wall feels satisfying.

          The large scale ground war mode was a bit meh.... Just seemed very campy with snipers everywhere, and the lack of destruction means it's much harder to dislodge a camper from the corner he's sitting in because you can't just blow away the corner from the outside.

          I think I still prefer Battlefield, but I can see myself playing both... MW for something shorter, faster, more immediate (Domination was by far my favourite mode), Battlefield for the larger, longer, more tactical games.

            Ground war needs battlefield style maps for the mode to work. Not larger cod maps. That's the problem with the mode right now.

    Bloodstained is on XBox Game Pass (and Game Pass for PC)! Happy days!

    Also time to upgrade all the things.

      What you say?

      It's on PC as well?! Here I was thinking I only had BL3, gears 5, Battletech, hellblade, and Prey to put time into this week.

    Dear Kotaku
    You STILL haven't fixed the nightmode CSS.

      Its telling that on my side anyway, Nightmode appears to work w/ adblock on.

      I think that's the only box I've seen recently that doesn't support it, to be fair. Although I do have adblocking on as Camm noted, too.

    What an insane week of games. Link's Awakening, Untitled Goose Game, Overland, Sayonara Wild Hearts, Later Alligator, the Apple Arcade beta, just to name a few. Personally I can't resist a turn-based stealth/action game so Overland got the lion's share of my time this last weekend. It's like Into the Breach meets The Last of Us and I dig it big time.

    Finished The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening recently on the Nintendo Switch. Not the longest of games (took me somewhere between 8 to 12 hours to finish over a weekend) but it was a joy to play, especially considering I played the original so much when I was a kid. If you've got a Switch, highly recommend.

    Also been playing Borderlands 3 on my new PC, which I built maybe a month or so ago. I'm enjoying it, it's fun to play with friends, and I'm happy that my PC can handle it so well. Running at ultra/highest settings, 1080p resolution, averaging 70 FPS. I dig it.

    I tried out the Modern Warfare beta. It was okay. It feels more of the same, just with a few new additions. The big battle mode (I forget the name) honestly feels like the game is trying to be Battlefield, but I suppose that is a logical step in game play evolution. I found the multiplayer to be difficult, sometimes I'd enter a game where our team, including myself, would just dominate, while other matches, we would just get completely destroyed and I'd be lucky to score one kill.

    Has anyone played Sayonara Wild hearts? I normally love rhythm games but I have a feeling this one would make me feel motion sick

      It's not a rhythm game but it is 100% amazing and well worth playing.

      It even has controller support so you can play it that way if you've got spare PS4 or XBone controller lying around (iOS 13 supports those controllers now, which is amazing).

        It even has controller support so you can play it that way if you've got spare PS4 or XBone controller lying around (iOS 13 supports those controllers now, which is amazing).

        What?? That’s amazing. This is the first time I heard anything about this. Thanks for the heads up!

    Figured I should put details up here for anybody looking. The traditional Saturday night PAX Meat is on and the same venue as last year.
    The Market Hotel
    160 Clarendon St (Just a short walk from PAX away from the city)
    Starting around 7:30
    There is no cost but we do have a minimum spend which includes food so will work well to grab dinner there.

    As with last year we have the beer garden as a dedicated space, dedicated bartender for us, although we will be missing the snes this year unless somebody wants to bring a console in.
    You're are welcome to bring friends and partners

    And questions hit me up here or on twitter

    Last edited 03/10/19 1:37 pm

      And edited to go into moderation
      Help ya fam out would you @alexwaker
      As always the invite to yourself and the team stands, we would love to see you guys

      Get someone to take their switch.
      Sorry I won't be attending.

        Thinking I might be able to arrange to have mine there. Might need some help with the game selection as mine is super limited

          People enjoyed Jackbox iirc

            Do you know if it needs internet to work properly

      For a sec I thought "wait that was where I was staying??"

      Not quite. I was at Market Tavern, a couple streets over :P

    Discovered a great game on steam on the weekend called Heartbeat.

    Managed to get the game for a killer deal of 41% off. Highly recommend.

      I'm surprised we didn't "hear" about that one.

        Maybe because it was such a killer deal it "Killed" the story.

      You guys beat around the bush far too much. Just talk about the issue: the game's developer's girlfriend made comments that others viewed as transphobic, the developer's own response contained a lot of scientifically inaccurate assumptions that legitimised her own status (as homosexual) but delegitimised transgender. The 41% discount was deliberately chosen to mock the 41% suicide rate amongst trans people, and has attracted comments from people thinking they're clever in saying "41% is nice but it should be 90% or 100%" as though it's not obvious what they're talking about.

      Regardless of what you think of the original two sets of comments, that discount choice is blatantly over the line, and it sure looks like you're enjoying the mockery yourself with your reference to 'killer' deals. Don't be that kind of piece of shit.

        The 41% discount was deliberately chosen to mock the 41% suicide rate amongst trans people

        And your documented factual evidence of this is? Because all i see is yet another instance of reeeeing from reeeesetera.

        So next time a game is on sale for 88% off suddenly they support Hitler?

        It's almost funny at this point. Steam removed all the negative reviews from the outrage crowd, reeeesetera was yet again widely mocked and the game saw record sales.

        So you all achieved the exact opposite.

        The game wasn't even 41% off. In most regions it was 42% off. The percentage was a result of steam combining the discounts of the base game and the soundtrack.

        I look forward to the next brigading fail. They seem to be piling up. It almost as if the attempts have the opposite effect.

          They may get the benefit of the doubt when it comes to that figure, but you don't. You made the same tasteless joke connecting it to trans suicide rates that the worst of the reviews and trolls did.

          Despite an extended pattern of behaviour suggesting otherwise, you still seem to occasionally claim you're on the political left. You making that joke is the hard line you crossed that stops you from making that claim any more. That kind of insensitivity on a topic as serious as suicide in a disadvantaged minority group is incompatible with foundational left-wing principles.

          It's not hard to have some basic compassion for other human beings. Drop the smarmy addiction to schadenfreude, stop deliberately looking for fringe things to get indignant about, and act like a normal person.

            You made the same tasteless joke connecting it to trans suicide rates that the worst of the reviews and trolls did.

            I used those words to mock the claims from those brigading the game. by intentionally using inflammatory words to make the statement ridiculous im mocking the woke crowd.

            But please, Do continue accusing me of being on a political spectrum im not. I love it when people call me alt-right or Trump supporter. It only validates my opinions of the infection going through my side of politics even more.

            I support trans folk. The everyday type, The majority of nice kind people. Not the rabid morons who plague twitter and Reeeesetera spending their days looking to make up something thats offensive to them.

            It's not just biological fact and scientific fact that's offensive now, Its also numbers.

              You're not weaseling your way out of what you said so don't waste your time with such transparent excuses. You're not mocking 'the woke crowd' by calling it a 'killer discount', you're mocking the people that are dying.

              You can lie to yourself about your political position, but the only person you're fooling is yourself. You've demonstrated time and again through your attitudes and your actions here that you are not what you claim. You hide behind the 'left' label as a flimsy shield to protect you from criticism for your shitty behaviour, because you think 'left criticising left' has some kind of legitimacy that others don't have.

              Look at your own blatant hypocrisy. You whine about ResetEra but you're far and beyond the most obnoxious screeching bat here on this website. You go looking for drama elsewhere and then you bring it here. You literally spend your days looking to find something they do that's offensive to you so you can write a pathetic screed here with brain-dead 'reee'ing, apparently oblivious to the fact you're doing exactly that by bringing it here.

              If there's an infection here, it's in you. It's your delusional belief that you're something you're not. It's your obsession with a fringe that nobody gives a shit about. It's your refusal to admit when you're wrong. It's your smug, superior attitude that you somehow think you deserve to wield. I've been plenty polite with you in the past, but this drivel has gone on long enough. Get your head out of your arse and stop being a cancerous dead weight.

    More importantly; how are Australians meant to deal with Joycon drift? Are we supposed to ship overseas or is there an Australian address?
    All resources online (even the Kotaku AU reposts) seem to only apply to the US.

      yeah, same thing here. My left joycon is gone.

          Now that's helpful! Nice work.
          >Include your product, purchase receipt, with your name, complete address and daytime contact telephone number with a detailed explanation of the problem. Please do not include payment in advance, we will first need to assess your product.
          are you SERIOUS? I don't still have my Mario Party receipt around here!

            I got mine through the EBgames, so I might be able to swing something since they keep purchase information there. Benefit of it and JB HiFi going electronic receipts I guess!

              Tweety unfortunately I think Mario Party was a target/big w purchase due to price!

              Tweety was the result of a autocorrect t I’ll be damned if I know what I originally intended.

              Last edited 18/10/19 11:41 pm

                A strange autocorrect of Sweet was how I interpreted it!

      Suck it up, princess.
      That's how we're meant to deal with it. =/

    Is it just me or is the site playing up again?

    Images appear fine on the individual articles but the main page is lacking them.

      Same thing is happening for me too.

        Thanks for the heads up. I use ad blockers and was wondering if I had to reconfigure them again.

          Oh, it is an adblocker thing, they reappear if I disable mine. If you find specifically what's causing it, let me know. I won't be whitelisting the site because of it though, which I suspect is what they want to happen.

            I won't be whitelisting the site because of it though, which I suspect is what they want to happen.

            Well, if they keep dedicating more screen space to the ads than the content, you, me and most likely others will keep using ad blockers.

            Considering the fact they basically turfed out nearly all the senior staff there is even less reason to have ads, period.

            Heck, even just blocking in one's host file or DNS takes out around a third of what is on the page.

            And yes, I went as far as to set up pfsense so I could ensure all devices in my house would use its resolver via DHCP.

              >Considering the fact they basically turfed out nearly all the senior staff there is even less reason to have ads, period.
              What do you mean by this?
              And who do you mean by "they"? (that is, US or AU?)

            OK, I think I see what is going on.

            First, I turned Ad Block Plus off and I still didn't get the images.

            But I also use Disconnect.Me. I turned it off and immediately I got the images on the main page back.

            I turned it back on and when I selectively allowed requests to in Disconnect.Me, the images were back.

            Now, given I can see via the DOM inspector the URL, etc, is there and I can access the images directly by copying the links to a new tab, it looks like some other style elements are tied to and their blocking causes rendering issues.

            Regardless of the motivation, having the rendering of the page tied to is just unacceptable.

            As for my previous comment about using pfsense, I keep forgetting my knowledge while correct is also very dated. Most browsers use DNS over HTTPS now so my blacklisting in pfsense is easily by-passed.

            But it still works in other cases.

              Hmm. I tried turning off Javascript and inspecting the page, and the missing images seemed to be coming from which isn't blocked in either uBlock Origin or Privacy Badger. If it's in the HTML markup and isn't default-styled invisible, you'd think it would need JS to then stop it from displaying. I only spent a few minutes looking into it though, so maybe there was something I missed.

                Sorry, I was in a rush as work wanted my attention.

                I took another look at the error console in chrome and I'm getting a lot of errors trying to get thumb nails for

                My guess is when I could see the link, that was to the full image and not the thumb nail. Which makes sense given different thumb nails are needed for each device.

                However, I fail to see the logic of having the thumb nails to Kotaku's own articles hosted from an advertising platform that would be blocked as people have better things to do than scroll 42 pages of crap to get to the comments section.

                  I've spent a bit more time on it now. What they're doing is loading img elements with data-src values instead of href values, which means the images won't load until a script runs and copies the values across. That's a glaring violation of web usability guidelines and breaks a fundamental part of how the HTTP and client-side caching works because it provides no default or fallback in the event Javascript (or that particular Javascript) is unavailable.

                  Tracking further, it does seem to stem from a script Taboola is attempting to load. Taboola is one of the worst, most obnoxious advertiser platforms that exist today so there is no way in hell I'm allowing anything from Taboola through on a semi-permanent basis. I suspect a userscript will fix this, I'll look into it further.

                  @zombiejesus: Will do later tonight as I found something I didn't want to see.

                  But thanks in advance anyhow, :D.

                  @zombiejesus: Work related so best I don't go into detail. Regardless it is one of those things every tech person does not want to see.

                  @zombiejesus: Just a final note for the day, thanks again for the script!

                  I just installed it and all is good.

                  The only change I made on my end was to add the author attribute so you were properly credited.

                  Great. Now to see how long it is before they change the mechanism again and the script stops working.

              I found it's not actually adblock for me at all. I use Firefox but I have adblock disabled for this site and I still wasn't seeing the images.

              What it is though is that I have Firefox's default security settings for content blocking set to "Strict". This is a value I use for every site, not just Kotaku. If I relax that content blocking setting, suddenly the images come back.

              So this isn't even an extension like adblock that's stopping the images, this is a setting within Firefox itself - a setting that anyone can turn on with or without an ad blocker.

      For some reason, it takes me a bajillion attempts to log in as well. Not sure if anyone else has experienced the same.

        There were complaints about some parts of articles not rendering correctly when using the dark theme.

        It wouldn't surprise me if in their attempts to change that, it broke the sit as CSS is something that can break down if you so much as look at it the wrong way (and yes, I learned that from experience).

    Completing the Black Eagles route in FE 3 Houses has left me totally satisfied but also completely unable to consider playing the other routes.
    I mean Edelgarde is obviously the aggressor, and highly questionable morally, but despite that how could I go from 'going on a lengthy military campaign to kill a God and end her Tyrrany, while also attacking the class system of Fodlan' to anything else? I know people say the other routes are as good, but I feel I can't betray Edelgarde and turn her into the villain she was worried she might have become in the BE route. Goddamn BE was so good, it's easily my favourite FE narrative so far, I'm genuinely attached to 'my' house now.

    On that note I feel like there would be an interesting study in tribalism using 3 Houses as its basis for someone smarter and/or more hard working than me

    This website is a 100% mess. Whoever is on the backend is doing a horrible job.

      Are you talking about the missing images problem on the front page? If so, I linked a userscript on pastebin earlier that fixes that (for now).

        Saw it, doesnt work for me. But that could be due to many different things. For example, gifs hosted by twitter have been black images for nearly a year on the computer im currently using. *shrug*

          Yeah, that sounds like a different problem. No idea what to suggest there other than clear your browser cache and force refresh, or test in another browser, or disable all extensions and see if any of it makes a difference.

            Soon as i disable Ublock which has a hard no Taboola rule. Everything works.
            Well not the twitter thing ive got no idea on that ahahah

              Does UBlock disallow access to Twitter?

              I use Disconnect.Me which blocks calls to Twitter. When I told it to stop, I got the images from Twitter.

              A look at the pages show the images are done using JavaScript file that creates a Twitter "widget".

              Without that script, you basically get a generic DIV like I do.

                Nah, its not ublock, its SOMETHING in firefox that didnt like twitter changing how it compresses/encoding its gifs.
                Works in chrome. Works in chrome and firefox on both windows 10 machines ive got.
                Its not an uncommon problem, but no
                Some say its due to hardware acceleration, but all the things reddit and other tech places have suggested ive done (besides things like reinstalling windows and that degree) ive done and still nothing. Twitter knows about it and havent said a thing.
                Good thing i dont use the cesspool that is twitter hahah


    Thanks for the fix, by replacing the url, it fixed Lifehacker and Gizmodo pages as well.

      yeah thanks @zombiejesus as well! Fixed it in chrome for me. But I was having the issue in brave and edge as well.

        There's a Tampermonkey for Edge, not sure about Brave though.

          Yeah, I don't really use edge it was just for testing, all good. It is a shame that this is happening in the first place. I hope it gets fixed as it also has issues on my phone.

          The Chrome version of Tampermonkey seems to work just fine on Brave.

    Saw Zombieland 2 last night. It was far, far better than I expected. Not the best movie this year, but it’s almost as good as the original.

    Then again, I had super low expectations from the trailers.

    Anyone else stuck in what feels like a dead end job you're working just to make ends meet? I'm really starting to considering dropping mine in favor of doing something new, just no idea where to go about switching and what I'd land up doing... probably something with bikes since I'm locked out of Air Traffic Control by their currency of education requirements

      been there. Made a 5 year plan. put some time in every week into getting upskilled and then changed careers as soon as I could.
      The hard part is definitely choosing what to do, but if ATC is your dream then its better to work towards it bit by bit and take a while than not work towards it at all.

    Let's see if this will get through automod.

    It's time for me to leave Kotaku. I'm grateful to the good people who have worked here, and the good people who made the community what it was for this last eight years. This isn't because of any one thing, it's the culmination of months of coming to a place that used to feel like a second home and leaving feeling distinctly unwelcome. Life and happiness are too fleeting to keep subjecting myself to other people's pervasive negativity, so that means stepping away. I'm still dedicated to becoming a better person, improving the world and people's lives around me, and shining a light on bigotry and callous indifference to others. It just won't be here.

    @transientmind: Thanks for being the best kind of conversationalist. Even with the topics you've been fiercely passionate about, you've always replied to other people with reason and thought, and a deep respect for civil discourse. It's a standard I hold myself to, and from the times I've failed at it I know how difficult it can sometimes be. You're a good person, and I've thoroughly enjoyed all the conversations and debates we've had. Primus inter pares.

    @hotcakes @pylgrim @namiwakiru @drumrbaxj @grunt @stormo and many others that I can't all tag: Thanks for building this community up rather than tearing it down, and for making the time I've spent here fun. I'm sorry that some of you have experienced the same problem I have, but I hope you know that at least someone appreciated your contributions here. I've learned a lot from all of you.

    @alexwalker: You've done an incredible job shouldering an enormous amount of workload and responsibility at Kotaku. Serrels left big boots to fill, but you stepped up. I know neutrality is a job requirement, but I think you've got divine patience when it comes to dealing with some of the toxicity that gets posted here. Thanks for keeping the light on and a seat by the fire for all of us here, over the years.

    As Brian Foster would say, don't forget to love each other.

      Honestly, I’ve been lurking here instead of posting for a loooooooong time for, shall we say, community-based reasons. So I don’t exactly blame you for coming to this point.

      Thanks for all the great discussions over the years and best of luck in whatever it is you choose to do with your extra free time now!

        Hey, there's still plenty of free time to read if you're not diving in the comments!

        It's been fun @zombiejesus. Don't be a stranger - flick me an email every now and again just to say hi. And thanks for the kind words. It's not easy coming after someone like Serrels.

          Are you kidding me @alexwalker Some of them i get. But the one below "deemed inappropriate and has been removed."

            Someone's saying goodbye. The least you can do is just say something nice and not have a final shot at them on the way out (while wondering why on earth they might have felt unwelcome in the first place).

              Would have
              "i know we have our shots in the past, But Its a damn shame you have felt the need to leave kotaku because of you feeling unwelcome.
              Been better?

                Of course that's better.

                  Then there it is.
                  Godspeed ZJ, may your quest to be a better person be a fruitful one.

      I feel you, man. I left a few years back, only coming on occasionally to browse certain articles. It seems almost like this place lost it's soul after Serrels left, which broke my heart. I don't think we ever talked, but I've enjoyed some of your points over the years (that "Sweet Zombie Jesus" gag is still my favourite moment on this site). All the best to you.

      You'll be missed ZJ, you've always been fun to chat with. Whether we agreed on a topic or not, it was a debate, not an argument. To be honest, I'm gradually heading the same way for similar reasons. I left Whirlpool years ago because of the toxicity that had built up, and thought I'd found a place here free of those issues. Which was nice after Delimiter closed. But like you, have seen it gradually going down a similar path.

      I dont mind people disagreeing with me, that happens. But its no longer just disagreeing, its getting more personal every post. Which simply makes we want to delete the links, and walk away. While I love a good debate with the like of you, transient, and various others you happen to have listed, its become harder to have those debates.

      A shame to see you go. You've been a staple here as long as I remember.
      You've always been a good bloke, even if we might not have seen eye to eye on some issues.

      If you see Burnside in your travels... you can keep him.

      Ah geez mate, you've been a fixture here since the day I started posting and it's not gonna be the same without you.

      I honestly believe you'll always be welcome here in the eyes of the greater community and I genuinely hope you change your mind, we'll all be worse off without you around and I'm sure many more would agree.

      Hopefully this isn't the last we'll be hearing from you man, until then, thanks for all the conversation, discussion, debate and laughs, you take care of yourself mate.

      Ah damn, it's a shame to see you go. I've scaled back my own participation in the comments due to a newborn but whenever I caught up to days old articles where I would have liked to say something, you always made the same points that I would have made with much greater calm and eloquence. Definitely learned a thing or two from you about striving for politeness and clarity even when I find reason to be upset (though I still need to get better at putting it into practice).

      All the best. Let me know if there's another place where I can keep reading what you have to say!

      Its sad to see you go, and whilst yes, the social justice posts can get pretty rowdy, neither do I think its as bad as you think.

      Regardless, all the best.

      (P.S. Does ANU & HvZ mean anything to you?)

      Mate, I'm going to be louder and accumulate more downvotes just for you!

      It's sad to see more people leaving.
      I know I don't post anywhere as much is used to but I think most interactions we've had have been civil.
      It was bad enough when everyone moved to Twitter and it became a popularity contest. D=
      I hope you feel welcome enough to pop back occasionally.

      Sad to see but perfectly understandable.

      You're posts even when I didn't agree with them (you and I differed back in the day about the nature of second hand sales) were worth the read.


      Look after yourself my man. I know we've agreed, disagreed, conversed, argued and everything over the years. You've always been a stalwart and if this is it, you'll be missed.

      On the upside... I get to use a Beerfest line around here now ;) If you're not around, I can reference to anyone "Remember when... ZJ?" someone will say "What's a ZJ?" I'll reply with "If you don't know, you can't afford it..." :)

      Look after yourself man, all the best.

      You're one of the good ones, ZJ. Your comments were always welcome - even when they contradicted me. It's a real shame to see a voice of reason departing.

      Nooo, I can't believe I missed this! (or nearly missed?)

      Not that I'm really one to talk with how much I've fallen off the wagon, even from lurking. But you've always been a huge part of what made this place great to hang around, even if I didn't jump in myself it was always great to see the conversations you brought about in the comments. Sad to see you go.

      It just won't be here.

      The question I've been asking for a long time is if not here, where? I have offline communities I'm part of but I'm not even sure online communities are a thing anymore. There are a few websites I still stop by and for the most part they still have good content, but I don't feel any sense of community anywhere. I'm used to not being people's favourite poster and I'm awful at fitting in but now instead of feeling like an outsider I feel like there's no inside. Everywhere I go online, even when the people are super nice, there doesn't seem to be any actual communities.
      I go to Reddit and it's just like this mega conglomerate where you can get a job moderating a board or you can be one of the thousands screaming into the void. No community just ranks and roles. Twitter communities are really incoherent and tend to focus on disposable remarks rather than real interaction. YouTube and Twitch have nicer communities than they get credit for but the theme is always either hating the star or praising the star. That's fine. I have no problem with people enjoying any of that. It just isn't what I think of when I think online community.

      Anyway, sad to see you and @wisehacker go. I hope you guys, and everyone else here, knows that as annoying as I can be I appreciate pretty much anyone who puts thought into the comments they make. I'm just terrible with words.

        "I'm just terrible with words" says the person who makes an eloquent post =P

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