The Internet Reacts To Tesla's Cybertruck, Which Looks Like A PS1 Car

Screenshot: Tesla

As our colleagues at Jalopnik report, Tesla revealed the Cybertruck. It looks like something out of Total Recall—or better, yeah, something you’d drive in a PlayStation 1 game.

People have opinions! There are the series car ones, like this one on Reddit:

Screenshot: r/cars

As well as the inevitable video game ones:

Screenshot: r/cars
Screenshot: r/cars
Screenshot: r/cars

The video game comparisons certainly didn’t stop there.

The design certainly looks different!

I cannot wait to see what Tesla designs next. 

For more, check out Jalopnik’s coverage (here and here).


    It's basically the lovechild of a DeLorean DMC-12 and an Arwing.

    I know i'm probably gonna be in the minority here, but i actually kinda like it

    It looks like a car designed in the 80's for a film set nearly twenty years ago.

      Rewatched Demolition Man on Netflix recently, this car would fit in nicely.
      It's still a pretty good movie, cheesy as fuck and the 3 seashells thing is baffling.

      It's the Johnny Cab from Total Recall.

    looks awesome and the stats on high range version sounds beautiful..800km range YES FUCKING PLEASE

      While the high end models range sounds good they really missed the point of a truck (ute). You need a decent amount of tray space and it needs to be easy to utilise. The bed is decent (over 6 feet long) but the sharp roof angle is going to be problematic for tradies and, well anyone who uses roofracks. Similarly, it's going to make adding a canopy to the tray difficult.

      The sharply angled roof also looks like rear passenger headspace is going to be compromised as well. Although that's hard to tell without actually seeing it in person.

        My guess is that its designed like that to decrease resistance so as to increase range. I think other than its visuals it sounds like a decent deal. Will really depend on if they make key changes before its ready for the market.

          I would have thought rounded edges give better wind resistance than sharp edges. Especially when you look at the design on the front. I could be wrong though.

          To be fair it could also change in design before release.

        'feet'? What happened to using real measurements in Australia?

    Elon, mate, you need to do more than put some cardboard boxes and garbags over my old Carolla.

    I'd never buy one, but man can I appreciate anyone just being like "Fuck traditional design."

      Eh, while I can appreciate innovation, design has evolved along with humanity, especially in utilitarian objects, meaning that it has a purpose beyond aesthetics. Innovation in design for the sake of breaking with tradition many times falls on the trap of ignoring the reasons why things are designed the way they are.

      The best kind of innovation is the one that is found along the lines of fulfilling an unaddressed necessity or improving on what was made when we knew less. Design for its own sake is just Dada. Worthy of discussion and appreciation but useless and ridiculous anywhere outside of a museum.

        Be real... How vehicles look these days is absolutely a form for form's sake in a majority of cases. Not function, and not for any purpose beyond 'we want this to sell, so we tried not to make it ugly'.

        Most companies simply aren't running around designing their cars, trucks/utes, etc, to break speed records or hit up the local racing circuit... And sure one can go on about fuel efficiency or such being helped by the design of a vehicle's shell (aerodynamics/etc), but they are by and large still designed to be visually appealing first. Most people seeing "Its super aerodynamic!" as some sort of selling point wouldn't even blink twice, especially if it was also 'ugly'.

        And if that wasn't the case we'd have a lot more ugly and/or awkward vehicles getting about, all designed purely for aerodynamics or some other purpose with aesthetics not even getting a second thought.

          The needs I spoke of do not need necessarily to be practical (though practical needs do inform many design choices). Moreover, it is a bit of a stretch of what I say to claim that I meant that aesthetics are not important at all. Of course they are. In fact, much of aesthetics is the successful conveying of an idea. Many cars are designed to look fast and aerodynamic even if they are not. Hell, that is true even if said design makes it less aerodynamic.

          So this goes back to my point: This car is breaking traditional design tropes for the sake of being different. It is not serving any need, physical or psychological, it is serving design itself, (and/or arguably, chasing publicity by causing controversy).

    Goddamn it, 2 hours now and I'm still waiting for the poly's to load in...

    I would be fine with it, if it weren't for that bloody pointy roof! Both useless and ugly.

    Thanks for doing this Elon, the memes have been fantastic.

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