The Internet Reacts To The Announcement Of A New Half-Life Game

The Internet Reacts To The Announcement Of A New Half-Life Game

It is 2019. Valve just announced a new Half-Life game. All bets are off now. Quit your job. Buy a lottery ticket. Fail to win the lottery. Buy several more lottery tickets. Fail again. Give up. Sell your car so you can make rent. Go online. Find out that the new Half-Life is a VR game. Compose an irate tweet about how you can’t afford it. Live your dreams.

Half-Life: Alyx, announced yesterday by Valve in what still feels like an impossible fever dream but was actually just a post on Twitter, is set to be the company’s “flagship VR game.” This has left fans in an odd spot. On one hand, it’s more Half-Life. Finally! After more than a decade of waiting. On the other hand, it’s not Half-Life 3, and on top of that, it’s a VR game, meaning it’ll require an expensive headset and a powerful PC. While it makes sense that Valve would want to create a killer app for its Valve Index VR platform, it’s still been a bitter pill to swallow for some of the Half-Life series’ vocal fans. Here’s what they’re saying:


  • I just found a message board from 2004 full of people outraged that Half Life 2 would require Steam. If you listened to them, it was doomed to fail, and Team Fortress 2 jumping from Unreal engine to source would mean everyine would ignore it an keep on playing Counter-Strike.

    I have no immediate intentions on running out and buying a VR kit, but I also don’t have anywhere near enough hubris to say that Valve is making a wrong call…

    • The only thing is that Steam didn’t require additional expensive hardware to run

      I can see why gamers are upset that a nearly universally beloved series whose last release was over a decade ago whose fans have been waiting with bated breath, is going to be locked behind expensive hardware that not every gamer can afford.

      I love the HL series and was disappointed that it was going to be a VR game, i cannot afford a VR headset.

      • It’s not even just the expense of the hardware thats an issue either, it’s the fact that VR is pretty rubbish. Spending money on expensive hardware that is good is one thing, spending the money on crap is another.

        • Although Steam did require a “fast” internet connection, and at the time many people didn’t even have home internet, or even worse it would take days to download over their dial up. VR is only in it’s infancy, just like how online game services were at the time of Half-Life 2’s launch. I for one welcome Half-Life: Alyx and I look forward to seeing what it brings to the industry!

      • The expensive part for me isn’t the hardware, it’s the real estate.

        Playing this game requires me to not just purchase new hardware, but to literally purchase a new house.

        The biggest thing preventing me from using VR is just how big of a footprint it requires. Frankly, I’ve got much more productive things to do with the space.

  • I remember when boneworks was claimed to be the next half life in development, also using the new knuckle controllers for the vive that are yet to have an official release yet. Look it up on youtube some decent vids of it

  • Suddenly Valve Index sales skyrocket lol

    It reminds me when Half-Life Decay launched with the PS2 version of Half life. I suspect this will be similar style of game, from a different perspective but the same story line.
    Cant wait to meet Dog in VR, I suspect he’s going to be terrifying!

    Im actually happy its VR only because every cross platform ‘VR’ game i’ve played has had terrible compromises to make it suit both platforms, screw the flat screen gamers!

  • what, so because there are entitled cry babies, Valve should have chosen another IP instead of Half life to set their VR game in?

    Narrow minded sooks, so if you can’t enjoy it then no one should?

  • I’m surprised there’s no theory that Half Life: Alyx is a VR dating sim, soon to be followed by Half Life: Gordon where you can date him.

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