The Internet Reacts To The Sonic Movie Redesign

Movie Sonic is back. After dying earlier this year so that we could be saved from his own sinful visage, Sonic has been reborn as a cutesy blue baby child who would not spit out a mouthful of human teeth if you reflexively punched him while recoiling in terror at the thought of how he used to look. I think he’s good, in other words. Or at least passable. The internet seems to agree.

The moment that today’s new Sonic The Hedgehog movie trailer debuted, the internet fired up its reaction engines. With a fastness, people produced commentary, jokes, heartfelt outpourings of emotion, and of course, conspiracy theories. Behold:


    Seeing this redesign next to the first attempt somehow makes Nightmare Sonic seem even worse.

      Yeah... I was never really that against or disturbed by Nightmare Sonic, but apart from the new design being more "accurate", he also seems a lot more expressive, something I hadn't noticed Nightmare Sonic was lacking until these comparisons.

        I know, right?? That tweet saying "the cursed sonic walked so the new sonic could run" show's how little expression cursed sonic had. Whoever okayed the original design should've been spanked. Hard.

    It is genuinely impressive that they pulled this off. The movie still looks like it'll be total garbage, but huge props to the CG team who must have worked their butts off to make this redesign work.

      I felt the same way about Detective Pikachu. Was pleasantly surprised. Maybe this will pull it off too.

    While the film looks all kinds of awful, there was quite a few moments in the trailer where I was seriously impressed, hell i am even willing to admit he might have made me smile a few times.

    "sonic is now officially babie"
    "movie sonic is so baby"

    Is calling things 'so baby' or 'babie' some new slang I've missed?

      Definitely seems like some new thing

      I think babie/baby is the new term for "cute animal/person/creature".

        Thanks, I hate it.

        (Am I using that right? That’s what the kids are saying these days, isn’t it?)

          Haha you got the words right but the usage is somewhat wrong. Unsurprisingly, you went astray because you were using the words sincerely! Tsk.

          "Thanks, I hate it" is mostly a way to reluctantly show admiration and resenting the fact that you do.

        Better not be because that would literally be retarded. Even worse than couples calling eachother 'babe' or 'baby', which makes me want to throw up.

      Whatever happened to "COWABUNGA" and " RADICAL"?... Now it's all Justin Beeboo this. And Power Rangers that.

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