This Impressive-Looking Wipeout Inspired Game Was Built In Dreams

This Impressive-Looking Wipeout Inspired Game Was Built In Dreams

Creators continue to make amazing things in the PS4 game creation tool, Dreams. The latest creation to catch my eye is an incredible futuristic racer inspired by the popular Wipeout games.

Project Genesis, a channel dedicated to Dreams creations and showcasing the best things people are making, has some gameplay of the game. Slideout 3019, the name of the user made game, doesn’t just include impressive on-track action, but even has menus, maps, and fantastic music. All of it looks and feels ripped right out of a proper Wipeout game.

If you remove the Dreams logo from the bottom corner of the footage, I might honestly believe that this is just a teaser from an unreleased Wipeout sequel or remake.

This impressive creation is far from the first cool thing people have made in Dreams. Someone is working on making Metal Gear Solid in Dreams and another player recreated Dexter’s Laboratory too.

Dreams is currently available in Early Access on PS4. If you have the game you can play this Wipeout-inspired level by searching for Slideout 3019. The level was created by Dreams user gauffreman.


  • It sucks so much that you cannot export stuff created in Dreams into its own file so it can be distributed and played separately.

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