This Is What Happens When I Explore Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’s Amazing World

This Is What Happens When I Explore Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’s Amazing World

Oh, cool. I found a secret area in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, everyone. I wonder what kind of reward I’ll find here.

This place is way off the grid, so there’s got to be something incredible hidden in these chambers.

I discovered this place because I spotted a little green icon on my map, a hint that there might be some uncharted treasure for me to find down in the vast Tomb of Miktrull, where I’d been adventuring for the past couple of hours. Exciting!

Look at this massive chamber I located. Look at what I, the expert explorer, found. Anticipate with me the grand reward at the end of it.

And the puzzles! This is not just some secret hallway. No, it is a veritable puzzle tomb full of challenges designed to test my wits. Seriously, there are a couple of good head-scratchers in here.

I will not be deterred from solving this secret area’s secrets. I will be the Jedi Indiana Jones, the Light Side Lara Croft. I will clear this area and seize its best treasure.

And it will be mine, this lovely plunder, this lost loot, this…

… this new paint job for my ship.

Oh well.

Great Star Wars game, everyone who made it at Respawn, and really great job with all the optional, hidden side areas that have been a pleasure to find, but maybe offer some better rewards next time?


  • That is the one thing I didn’t like about Fallen Order.

    While I appreciate the level design and the amount of effort put in by Respawn Entertainment, I feel that a lot of the treasure chests and collectables are just… cosmetics, in the form of colour palette swaps.

    I feel other alternative rewards could have been better, like concept art, or 3D character / prop models (that players could look at in a 360 zoom in/out manner, like Batman: Arkham games or the Resident Evil 2 remake), as well as different outfits (not just colour swaps).

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