Valve Just Announced Half-Life: Alyx

Valve Just Announced Half-Life: Alyx

I mean it’s not officially Half-Life 3, but this might be as close as we get.

Valve announced on Twitter just now the existence of their flagship VR game, Half-Life: Alyx. Alyx is obviously one of the main protagonists from Half-Life 2, so this is an obvious continuation of the series that fans have been screaming for.

Is it basically Half-Life 3? We’ll find out on Thursday at 10am Pacific Time, or around 0500 AEST Friday.


  • Good for them. A new Half Life felt like an inevitable impossibility for the longest time. It makes sense that they have been holding on to it to bhndle with new tech.

    • I think it’s pretty much a guarantee that HL3 will be VR, and that’s why we’re waiting so long, because
      1) Devs and designers are still working out the ‘language of VR’, particularly for narrative
      2) Each HL game was a generational jump forward that set a new standard for all FPS going forward. HL1 was bringing proper narrative to FPS games. HL2 was bringing in ‘real’ physics. HL3 will be VR.
      3) They’re waiting on more people to have the hardware to be able to play it.

      My guess is that HL:Alyx will be Valve testing the waters and looking for feedback on how to best do FPS and narrative in VR.

  • Interesting to note: the entire Camp Santo team just removed all reference to In the Valley of Gods in the last 24 hours, also. Is it related? I guess we’ll have to tune in Thurstay to find out!

  • Half Life 3, a new Xwing v TIE Fighter game in VR there are games that are literally begging to be made that seem to be destined never to happen – especially in the Star Wars universe, why no ship combat game when it would clearly sell?

  • I think this could potentially be WAY bigger than just a VR game.

    Valve is steam, and its likely they would be interested in investing heavily in the Steam VR platform (which now is arguably highly under utilized)

    A massive genre defining game (think BOTW / Mario Oddesy for the switch) ie new Half Life (if properly done) could see people flocking to the platform and perhaps even springboard the platform to a new generation of games / tech.

    Or it could be a crappy on rails VR shooter……

  • I get it, they NEED to give it a gimmick because at this point HL3 pretty much can NEVER live up to expectation no matter how good it is……. but VR? hard pass

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