What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

It’s hot, sticky and a fairly unpleasant time to be outside, courtesy of the absolutely-not-climate-change-empowered bushfires ravaging the eastern states. Fortunately, it’s a perfect time to play some video games.

The back catalogue has grown supremely quickly, and that’s not factoring in things that I’ve been meaning to finish already. Progress in Death Stranding has been slow — everything in that game is slow — and it’s also been keeping me away from the game that I really want to spend more time in, which is Disco Elysium. Disco Elysium‘s probably going to be one of my top five games of the year, if not top three. It’s seriously that well done.

Beyond that, I’ve found myself playing a bit of Mobile Legends Bang Bang, a very cartoony MOBA that actually has Australian servers. I’ve always enjoyed Arena of Valor on mobile, and the presentation around it and controls are really good, but AoV doesn’t have local servers. Playing on 150ms is a bit shit compared to 50ms or under, so I’ve given Mobile Legends a whirl. The latter is also a much faster game, and I’ve enjoyed knocking it out on a particular phone that’s especially built for gaming, which you’ll hear more about next week.

And if that wasn’t enough, there’s board games I need to write about, a Modern Warfare campaign that needs finishing, and the occasional bit of Overwatch with friends. I also fired up observer the other day on PC, having already bought it on Switch (and drunkenly played some on PS4), and that’s been an interesting experience. Oh and I nearly forgot: SNK has an all-in-one fighting stick that doubles as a console with 20 games, which we’ve got sitting in the office.

So plenty of games to play/write about. What are you playing this weekend?


  • Death Stranding and Warframe.
    I’m too busy farting about in the first and the second just had another big update.

    Resisting the urge to grab Fallen Order.

  • Playing Warframe with friends and maybe some BL3 on the side. Or maybe Blasphemous or one of a bajillion other games I need to catch up on…

  • On my second run of Trails of Cold Steel 2. Will poke around in BL3 as well. Resisting the urge to pick up some new releases too lol.

  • Red Dead 2.

    Some angel figured out the Epic Versions permanent mouse cursor issue and i have finally been able to play it.

    Have also tweaked the graphics settings so it runs well plus have run some sharpening settings via nvidia so the game looks pretty good now, still some weird black fuzz blurryness but over all good times and im enjoying going through at a slow pace.

  • Get my little bro to help me kill RAAM on Insane in the GoW Remaster.

    Can I just say, as much as I like the prettier graphics, the AI in the remaster is drop dead dumb. Unfortunately your team mates are dumber than the enemy, which makes for a frustrating experience.

  • Fallen Order. I couldn’t resist picking it up and want to give it a good go.
    It’s fun so far although it’s not usually my type of game.
    Need to play it more to form an opinion though.

  • Destiny 2 – nearly finished season pass! (up to 83/100)
    Thinking of picking up an SSD as console loading times are just awful.

  • Keep tooling around in Rage 2, attempt to beat the boss im stuck on in Nioh again, maybe try get alittle further in Judgement, but then after a very short time in all of them probably just get drunk and play Modern Warfare again

  • Fallen Order, Pokemon Shield, Professor Layton and inevitably some ProEvo2020 and Forza 4. My new Elite 2 controller just arrived today so I will be giving that a go on a few different things.

  • Jedi Fallen Order: have finished the story but will try picking up any remaining chests etc.
    Rage 2: just came out on Game Pass and having hell of a lot of fun
    Divinity Original Sin 2: just bought it in sale, have been looking forward to playing this for a while!

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