World of Warcraft's Next Expansion Is Shadowlands

What's next for Azeroth? As it turns out, Sylvanas needs an army.

The undead leader and former Warchief of the Horde was the centrepiece of the major Blizzcon 2019 reveal, squaring off against the Lich King. Shadowlands, the new expansion, has dispensed with the Lich King for the first time in WoW's history.

In practical terms, that means the afterlife is now the new zone for players to explore in modern WoW. The realm is the home of the power for Death Knights and many of the spirits in the world of Azeroth. Players will choose a covenant, according to a gameplay reveal, and the expansion will release sometime in 2020.

More to come...

The author travelled to Blizzcon 2019 as a guest of Blizzard.


    Yeah Im now done with wow. This looks like more of the same. Bfa was a waste of money. I dont miss classic since stopping.

    I think my money is better spent elsewhere. This company isn't worth defending anymore.

      Same. BFA was the quickest I've fallen off an expansion since Cataclysm. World of Warcraft is probably my favourite game of all time, so its a bit of a bummer to lose my mojo for it. I'm usually chomping at the bit for each coming expansion but I feel nothing for this.

      BfA gives a bad name to dumpster fires.

      Everything blizzard has made over the last 10+ years has been complete trash.

      But Classic still has me rapt.

      Here's hoping it's success reminds them of what they're capable of.

      BFA left me absolutely disgusted after playing Legion for 2 years just about non-stop...running into BFA was pretty jarring.

      Classic I hit 49 or 50 before just not logging in again....didn't consciously make a decision but I just got bored with it.

      Very much undecided about shadowlands...might pick it up to play for a month or something, idk.

    I've been playing BFA a lot (more than Legion, WoD, MoP or Cata). But that's probably because the guild I played with back in Wrath reformed during Legion and I joined it again. So I'm back playing with the friends I loved hanging out with.

    Which is the key, if you've got friends playing and you enjoy raiding/pvping/Mythic+/whatever with them then that offsets some of the crap decisions like azerite traits or island expeditions.

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