You Can Play Outer Worlds On PC And Xbox At The Same Time For $1

So here's a very useful, very cool thing to know about your Xbox if you didn't already, and it involves The Outer Worlds.

My fiancee was propped up in bed late on Saturday, having decided to retire for the night with a dose of The Outer Worlds. Fair enough: it's a good game and bed is a great place to play it. After switching to her account — because her profile had access to the game through Xbox Game Pass, which was tied to my profile — she started settling in to work through another planet or two.

I previewed The Outer Worlds and liked it, which isn't hugely surprising because just about everyone else has enjoyed it too. But I haven't been able to play the game since launch. The timing around PAX and Blizzcon meant Kotaku Australia's producer Leah got to go on a journey with the game instead, while I tried to work my way through Death Stranding.

The Outer Worlds Taught Me Patience

How long does it take you to give up on a game? Is 15 hours too far? 6 hours? Finding time to game as an adult is near impossible. Between an endless list of everyday tasks, working a full-time job, going to the gym and even feeding yourself, it's no wonder that many of us struggle to find the time. And finding time to play a good game is even harder.

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But I've still had my eye on the game since the preview. Obsidian games are usually fun, bugs aside, and I've still been hankering for something to fill that Fallout void in my gaming catalogue. 76 didn't really do it, and The Outer Worlds has looked like the next best thing for someone with a low tolerance for Fallout's trademark jank.

So, I wondered. If my fiancée was playing Outer Worlds on her account, would Xbox Game Pass Ultimate let me play the exact same game on my account? As it turns out, the answer is yes.

The trick here is to make sure you're not using the same account on both PC and Xbox, because you'll have to login to your Xbox account on PC by virtue of playing any games through the beta Xbox app. But considering that Xbox Game Pass Ultimate — which I've subscribed to because there was a $1 offer that let me consolidate my Xbox Live subscription — lets you share all Xbox Game Pass games with other profiles on the Xbox, that's simple enough to work around.

Again, for anyone who's been regularly using Xbox Game Pass this isn't a huge surprise. It's been available since Xbox Game Pass launched on PC after E3 this year, although the buggy Windows updates at the time — which you needed to install the beta Xbox app — and the lack of eye-catching titles might have led plenty to ignore the service. Games like Sea of Thieves had been out for ages, and while you could play that on PC and Xbox jointly, that's not as exciting as something like The Outer Worlds.

And the fact that I can play it at the same time as my fiancee, for a dollar, is genuinely bonkers. Obviously, the $1 was a promotional offer that only lasts for 30 days, although it's still available at the time of writing. But given that I've got an Xbox Live subscription that was costing me around $10 a month anyway — because you need online play — adding another $5.95 a month is a steal. There only has to be one good game on the service a month to make it worthwhile. It doesn't even need to be something freshly added to the service, just something that I'll enjoy playing every four weeks, which is much more doable.

Hell, even if you just picked one game on the service and compared that to the cost of buying outright it's not a bad deal. And compared to the cost of having to buy two copies?

That's kind of nuts for a game this good.

The Outer Worlds Does Colorblind Gaming Right

It’s cool that many modern games include colorblind options, so that those who struggle to differentiate between various hues can still enjoy the experience to the fullest. It’s even cooler, though, when a game is designed from the ground up with that support in mind.

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    I don't have an Xbox One but got the $1 subscription for the PC version...and to be honest, I feel bad for paying so little for a game this good from one of my favourite developers.

      Consider your conscience assuaged with my full-priced PS4 version #gamepassenvy

      Don't worry, I'm sure Microsoft is paying them a lot more than $1 to get them to agree to be on Game Pass. =P

        Microsoft owns the studio now, so I'm sure they don't mind at all.

    I just signed up for Telstra's XBoX bundle so I can keep playing after my $1 month (soon to be) expires. Really enjoying it and would recommend but it makes me want to re-play Skyrim :( (again, again)

    I hopped on the game pass ultimate train, but before I did ensured I bought the maximum amount of Xbox gold (36 months), then converted my account.

    3 years of ultimate for about 150 was a steal imo

    Heh. It's so hard to talk about Game Pass because everything sounds like a brand deal. The only bad thing to say about it is that the selection is limited, but because there's no competing service I can't even say it's limited. It has what it has and it never promised to have everything. Could the price be lower? Sure, is it bad value? It's constantly on sale for $1 and again, nobody is offering the same thing for $0.50 on sale and $2.50 at full price.

    It's not for everyone, I wouldn't even say it's for most people, but for anyone who was happy just borrowing their friends games instead of buying their own it's a match made in heaven. It's genuinely a good alternative for those people yet I feel like every time I say that I should end my comment with 'and don't forget to sign up using the trial code DOGMAN to a get free five days'.

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