A New Bravely Default Is Coming To Switch

A New Bravely Default Is Coming To Switch

The beloved 3DS JRPG series Bravely Default is getting a third game on Nintendo Switch next year.

Here’s the trailer:


  • I wonder if this means the originals will come to the switch? I’d love to play them but don’t really want to use my DS for them ????.

  • Definitely wasn’t expecting this but I’m pretty excited about it. Hopefully Default and Second will be ported to the Switch as well.

  • So Bravely Second was the sequel to Bravely Default and now there’s Bravely Default II which is the sequel to… which one?

    I’d like to be excited about this but Bravely Second and Octopath had some really boring and similar dungeon design (Single room mini mazes) so I can’t help but feel like they’ve settled into a formula rather than shaking things up each game. I’ll stay cautiously intrigued.

    • It’s like when Nintendo called the third New Super Mario game “New Super Mario Bros. 2.”
      What the actual?
      I can’t even.
      Just pick a naming convention and stick to it!
      Meanwhile, I mostly kind of enjoyed Bravely Default, but thought the second half of the game was just awful. I much preferred Octopath. Would have preferred a sequel to that.
      Both games had stupidly drawn-out boss battles that went on foreeevvvvveeerrr, though. Hopefully that’s something they’re finally getting around to addressing.

  • Am so excited for this, and (as others above have stated) I hope this could mean the others coming out for Switch too.

    But man, what is with the naming convention? Bravely Default -> Bravely Second -> Bravely Default II? Wtf?

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