A Noir Cyberpunk Adventure That's Part Graphic Novel, Part 1984

cyberpunk adventure games liberated

Here's a combination of awesome things: comicbook art style, a story that unfolds from multiple perspective, puzzle sequences blended with stealth segments, gunfights, and a healthy dose of 1984.

The game's called Liberated, and its a dystopian game sent in a world where the government uses the always-online society for mass surveillance. It's being developed by Polish studio Atomic Wolf with help from Walkabout, and is launching next year on PC and the Switch, with the latter announced this morning during Nintendo's indie Direct.

You play as multiple characters during this civil war, both representing the resistance and the autocrats, dealing with the reality of citizen credit, fake news, mass facial recognition and ubiquitous social networks. If you enjoyed FRAMED, noir adventures or tales about dystopian societies like Orwell, Liberated might catch your eye.

The PC version was due to launch this year, but with the announcement of the Switch version the game will ship next year sometime. You can find more on the official Steam and GOG pages.


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