Baby Sonic Will Never Replace Baby Yoda, Fools

Baby Sonic Will Never Replace Baby Yoda, Fools
Image: Paramount Pictures

Look out world, there’s a new baby on the block. Nope, it’s not The Mandalorian’s Baby Yoda, it’s Baby Sonic, from the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog. But despite what the internet will tell you, the Best Baby crown has not been taken. Baby Yoda is still king around these parts and according to the internet, he always will be.

In the latest Japanese trailer for Paramount’s Sonic the Hedgehog live action adaption, a surprising guest made his first appearance. That’s right — Baby Sonic has entered this year’s baby fight, as a last minute contender. You can catch a glimpse of the little tyke in the trailer below.

You can also get a better look at him via the official Japanese poster.

Baby Sonic Will Never Replace Baby Yoda, FoolsImage: Paramount Pictures

Of course, any time a new baby arrives, the internet goes a little bit mad — but despite the recent fervour over Baby Yoda, the intensity of the baby wars are only now heating up.

Baby Sonic is tiny, and he’s cute. He’s got a giant flower and great, big button eyes. He’s winning hearts and minds everywhere.

But of course, Baby Sonic’s arrival comes with some significant and horrifying implications.

Just imagine.

Baby Sonic Will Never Replace Baby Yoda, FoolsJim Carrey has seen pre-update Baby Sonic and he is afraid. (Image: Paramount)

Here are just some of the wonderfully enticing ideas.

In the end, there’s only room in this bassinet for one Best Baby of the Year. And we all know who that is.

Can Baby Sonic use the force? Can he lift a giant Mud Horn and save a life using only the power of his mind? Can he make a tiny beige cardigan fashionable? I didn’t think so.

Twitter has spoken. Long live Baby Yoda.


  • I find both are cute. I don’t why everyone is making a big deal who is better, It’s just going to create a stupid war over the internet and very unnecessary drama. Already seen a lot of immature adults fighting online and arguing about it. Here me and a community are trying to save a 3 year old child’s life who has a severe disability where the government wants to deport him and says he is a burden to the system. If the the child gets deported, he will die from his condition, says his mother. There’s so many things are going around the world, it’s ridiculous seeing people arguing over small things which saddens me. Baby Sonic and Baby Yoda are adorable in their own way. If anyone is curious about the 3 year old child i’m talking about, want to make a difference in saving his life? His name is Kayban Jamshaad.

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