Baby Yoda Can Be Bought In The Sims 4

Baby Yoda Can Be Bought In The Sims 4

Because EA owns The Sims, and because EA also has the rights to Star Wars video games, we finally have a digital tie-in with the new live-action Mandalorian series. It’s not a Carl Weathers outfit. It’s not a “Bounty Hunter” job for your Sim. It’s a Baby Yoda statue you can buy and put in your yard.

I get that it’s cute on the show and all, but that statue and its pose…I’m getting some very strong Spaceballs vibes:


  • Now if only they had an add-on that your Sims could give birth to a Baby Yoda of their very own, or find one in the front yard. That would introduce some fun Force influenced shenanigans that might tempt me to actually install my copy.

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