Tim Colwill’s Favourite Games Of 2019

Tim Colwill’s Favourite Games Of 2019

This year, Kotaku Australia is bringing in a wider range of local voices to offer their thoughts on the games they enjoyed the most in 2019. Today, we’re checking in with the editor of the gaming parody site Point & Clickbait.

What It's Like Running A Satirical Games Website

Back in November 2015, one big company acquired another big company, and the end result was that one small gaming site got shut down. That was my site, and it was called games.on.net. Something I loved doing at games.on.net was to post absolutely ridiculous joke articles every April Fool’s Day -- the one day of the year when even the most infuriatingly dour commenter had to begrudgingly acknowledge 24 Hours Of Formally Approved Humour. So when the site shut down (and let’s be honest, when I had nothing left to lose) I decided to indulge my own curiosity and see what would happen if I launched a dedicated satire site. Now, I’m getting screamed at by eggs.

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Wolfenstein: Youngblood

The video game I enjoyed the most this year would probably be Wolfenstein Youngblood – yes it’s pretty janky, but it’s got killer co-op, delightful characters, and doesn’t overstay its welcome. It’s a ton of fun to blast Nazis with a partner and fist pump at each other to the soundtrack of banging 80s synth. All that said, the only reason it works is because you get a free buddy pass – if you had to buy two full price copies it would probably be pretty unaffordable (but I reckon Bethesda knew this ahead of time).

It’s good! It’s just not as good as a full-price Wolfenstein experience which is what everyone was expecting – and what was marketed, to be honest.


Image: Blizzard

I’m still playing Overwatch nearly every day. The recent 2/2/2 role lock changes have, after a bit of a rough start, been great. I think Blizzard still clearly has absolutely no idea how to balance heroes and that’s why the role lock was necessary, which sucks, but that’s how it is. The base game is still fun enough that I can jump in, play a few rounds and leave again without getting blindingly mad and smashing my own dick in like every other FPS. Big fan.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2

Still an absolutely killer improvement on the L4D model which pushes the envelope in every way and always satisfying to back to. The Winds of Magic expansion this year was a misstep IMO and the only time I’ve actually ever asked for a Steam refund, but the base game is still unbelievably solid and it’s always on sale, so everyone should have a copy in their library!

Tim Colwill is the editor of the gaming satire website Point & Clickbait, which you can support on Patreon here. Colwill is also the former editor of games.on.net, and an organiser of the Australian Game Workers Unite chapter.


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