Bodybuilder Does A Mean Chun-Li Cosplay

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Chun-Li is a powerful fighter. So while a costume can help bring her to life, so can big muscles.

This is Yuan Herong. The bodybuilder has been nicknamed “Chun Li,” which has led to her uploading her own take on the Capcom brawler.

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Tidbits :Film samples and animated photos for anime clubs

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According to Fitness Volt and Yahoo! News, Yuan works as a doctor in Shandong Province, China. She started training two years ago, racking up serious gym time and pumping heavy iron. 

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Yuan recently came in second in a Chinese bodybuilding contest.

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Chin up

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She’s always been interested in martial arts and hopes to tackle that seriously next. 


    she started training TWO YEARS AGO??? sweet jesus thats alot of gains

      Drugs will do that to you.

        It's a bit unfair to immediately assume drugs.

        If you're someone who walks into a gym with little to no idea what they're doing, you might get some 'gains' but ultimately, you'll stagnate and plateau.

        If you're someone who has a plan (and most likely an experienced coach constructing said plan), where you have a structured training regime that's based on progressive overload, whilst maintaining a strict diet that's catered to your goals and needs, you could achieve a lot.

        To make myself sound somewhat hypocritical, I won't quite dismiss the idea of that drugs could have been involved (especially in her body building days before she retired from the sport), but at the end of the day, she probably takes care of herself in so many ways that many of us fail to do, e.g. a clean, nutritious diet, little to no alcohol, regularly hydrated, plenty of sleep/recovery, consistent and intensive exercise etc.

          In 2 years it would be unbelievable for a man to go from 0 to finishing 2nd in championship without drugs let alone a 30 year old woman no matter how well they trained or what you eat you won't build that much muscle. Drugs are normal for body builders, they always have been especially in a place like mainland China.

        I looked at the pics and read "two years", "China" and "doctor" and thought that yeah that's juicing
        If you read the actual story, you find that
        1: she was a bodybuilder for a long time before and came back to training for competing 2 years ago
        2: she is a traditional medicine doctor not a medical doctor, so no access to drugs and a more normal work scheduled that would allow time to bodybuild lots on the side.
        Not saying she isn't juicing or using HGH, could be from the amount of muscle she has, but it's not as obvious as this story makes out.

      My immediate thought too, she must have already been in shape, and two years was when she started taking it seriously.

    Ewww disgusting.

    That girl is on the gear. You can tell especially by the deformation in the arms and shoulders. It's well beyond normal muscle build up of someone of this size and physique. I know, because I used to train and have mates who train

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    In the Chun Li pics, she's got the thunder-thighs of doom down pat... but then you look up and she looks like a man.

      Well, that just means she's got the man hands of Ultra Street Fighter 4 down pat though.

    But does she have good pelvic floor muscle function and control?

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