Cats Is Getting Patched Like A Video Game

Cats Is Getting Patched Like A Video Game

Something very weird is happening. The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that the recently released Cats film is being updated, only a few days after it hit theatres. This new version of the film will fix CGI issues. According to THR, this is the first time a movie has been updated like this after being released in theatres.

Universal, the studio behind Cats, sent out notices to theatres explaining that a new version of Cats would be made available soon. This new version would include “improved visual effects,” according to a memo obtained by THR.

No official word on which parts of the film are being fixed or improved, but across Twitter critics and folks who saw the movie on opening night reported missing CGI effects. For example, human hands not being covered in digital fur.

According to THR, insider sources claim the updated version of the film comes directly from director Tom Hooper. He has explained in the past that he felt like he had barely enough time to finish the film before its December release date. It seems he didn’t, in fact, have enough time to finish Cats.

Special effects being improved probably won’t help Cats out too much. The film is getting pummelled by critics and will most likely end up a large box office bomb.

It’s 2019 folks, and movies are getting day one patches. I can’t wait for movies to start doing early access next year.

Editor’s Note: This article has the US release date. We will update this article as soon as possible with an Australian release date, if available.


  • Best review I saw was that Cats is basically that awkward feeling you get when you walk in on somebody who just had sex but for 90 minutes.

    • Thankfully I don’t know what the feeling is like, but unfortunately I can imagine. It’s at the point where everyone I know wants to watch it (without paying money for it) just to experience how bad/strange it is!

      • Usually they wait until they’ve milked enough money then release the ‘special cut’. Definitely the first time I’ve heard it a couple of days later.

          • One could say it’s a……………………………cat—–astrophe!

            *puts on shades*


      • I think Star Wars did get updated at one point during its cinema run. The “Episode IV: A New Hope” title wasn’t there in the original version of the opening crawl, and was added later on.

        I’m not sure how close to the release of Empire that was, though. Movies back then would stay in cinemas for years if they were popular enough.

      • Are these changes are not happening after the fact?

        Did they invent time travel just to fix Cats? Seems like a waste of a Delorean.

        • did you read the story? The film Is already out in some markets and the makers are sending out new version (somewhat recalling the old version) to replace what is already there. George tinkered with his films years later

          • I’m aware, but now since it was your focal point I’m going to maintain that these changes are still happening after the fact. After is after, days or years don’t make a difference to that.

            I made a throwaway comment based on an idle thought, largely because it amused me… I do this a lot actually, something will amuse me and I’ll make a comment because I can and nothing more.

            It definitely aint for your benefit I can tell you that right now, but you act like it is the way you come along to police the comment because it didn’t fit your personal selection criteria for relevance, amusement, or what-the-fuck-ever.

            Not the first time you’ve done it, and I highly doubt it will be the last because you apparently have a severe issue with taking comments way too damn seriously. So I’ll just @ you next time I comment on an article, speed things up and let you get to your canned “Did you read the story?” bit right away.

          • Look at how many words you used to reprimand me for merely highly the difference between a director making a directors cut and beyond (a standard fare in Hollywood for decades now) and patching a movie in a cinema (highly rare, and point of the article).,

            I don’t think you are in a position of claiming I took a comment far too seriously when I didn’t resort to writing so many words personally attacking me, not what I was referring to.

            Ever heard of ‘play the ball not the man’?

  • $15 for your snack bar box. 50% chance to get popcorn in a regular box, 40% chance to get popcorn in a movie themed box, 10% chance to get popcorn in a special edition movie themed moulded cup!

  • It’s probably only feasible in more recent history as I suspect they are not using reel projectors in most locations which would greatly increase the cost of the update.

  • Wait, isn’t the Never Ending Story being live shot & edited into Cinema screens as we speak. I think it’s in the contract that it’s suppose to go forever.

  • Actually Kotaku there is an Australian release date for Cats the film it’s opening in cinemas Boxing Day that’s when the Australia VS New Zealand Boxing Day test will start and that’s when the Boxing Day sales will start and I’ll definitely be grabbing myself a Boxing Day bargain that’s going to be a real knockout punch.

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