Cofagrigus Will Eat You And Turn You Into A Mummy

Cofagrigus Will Eat You And Turn You Into A Mummy

Every Pokemon is interesting and worth talking about. I don’t play a ton of Pokemon, but I do enjoy the universe and I love learning more about the creatures in it. So, Here’s Another Pokemon! It’s Cofagrigus!

Cofagrigus Details

Type: Ghost

Average Height: 5′ 07″

Average Weight: 168.7 lbs.

First Added In Generation V

Tomb raiding isn’t a noble or honorable profession, especially if you are doing it simply to steal cultural relics and historical artifacts that you will later sell for a profit. But while I do think tomb raiders should be punished, I don’t think they should be eaten by a giant floating coffin and then turned into an undead mummy. However, this is the Pokemon universe and nobody, not even tomb raiding thieves, is safe from coming face to face with something nasty and scary, like Cofagrigus.

Cofagrigus is a ghostly sarcophagus that evolves from a Yamask (A Pokemon with its own creepy details.) starting around level 34. This coffin is not its true form, instead, that is hidden inside. All we get to see our its evil, red eyes and teeth peering out of an opening on the front. These things live in tombs and old ruins, which probably makes it hard for tourists. So I guess Cofagrigus has isn’t all bad.

If you get too close to Cofagrigus something bad will happen, though what exactly isn’t entirely clear. According to Bulbapedia, some Pokedex entries explain that Cofagrigus will eat humans who get near it and then spit out their corpses as zombie-like mummies. Other entries mention it just eats and traps humans inside it, presumably until they die. Either way, it ain’t great and I would recommend Lara Croft and Nathan Drake stay away.

Hidden in one entry, found in Pokemon Sword, is a very disturbing piece of information. According to this Pokedex entry, some people say that Cofagrigus doesn’t remember it was once a human being. I don’t know how these people know this information, but I think this is more evidence that ghost-type Pokemon aren’t creatures but are just actual ghosts and trainers should stay away and stop catching them. Quit catching people’s dead parents and friends, you arseholes.

Favourite Fan Art

Illustration: PokeLuka, DeviantArt

What’s inside Cofagrigus? A scary demon? Or maybe a deadly ghost creature? Nope. A cute little monster wearing a fun outfit.

Random Facts

  • According to some Pokedex entries, Cofagrigus likes to eat gold nuggets. I don’t really understand why or how, but there you go. Now you know.

  • Speaking of gold, Cofagrigus is covered in gold. Its coffin is extremely valuable, hence why grave robbers are after it.

  • This isn’t a fact, but like, did this Pokemon pre-date ancient humans who used sarcophaguses to store their dead? Because if so, does that mean ancient humans in this world learned to bury and store their dead from a Pokemon?

Best Comment From Last Week

Fun fact: I once stepped on a spider that was crawling its way across the kitchen floor and dozens of tiny, baby spiders erupted out of its corpse. I did the only rational thing: freaked the fuck out and tried to find something to kill the baby spiders.


Just to be clear, this isn’t a fun fact.

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  • Gee, that name just smoothly rolls off the tongue. Like trying to utter a homophobic slur while sitting next to Henry Rollins while he got that “off road RV tattoo” done in the jackass movie.

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