Community Review: Black Friday And Cyber Monday 2019

Community Review: Black Friday And Cyber Monday 2019

So, the silly sale period is done for another year. Or at least until Boxing Day, anyway. But how’d it work out for you?

The two biggest purchases I made were for two of my biggest loves: coffee and tech. I’ve been waiting for some discounts before grabbing some extra RAM and storage for a new rig I’m putting together, and my partner was also keenly awaiting a bargain so she could grab a new coffee machine that’d let us grind our own stuff.

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Local PC retailers have always shown up for Cyber Monday, whereas Black Friday has mostly been the purview of bigger discounts on phones, console games, homewares, that sort of thing. Last year my partner and I grabbed a solid Dyson V8 as an early Christmas present, which made cleaning around the house fun. Our new coffee machine doesn’t automatically froth the milk, so I’ll be on barista duty. That’s fun to do of a morning.

There were also plenty of discounted indies on the eShop and just about every store. I didn’t grab anything of note on PC — I’ve still got tons to work through there — but on the eShop I did pick up Football Game and a couple of other pixel-art adventures that can be blasted out in a few hours, ones that won’t look too bad in handheld mode.

I also took advantage of the NBN deals. My partner and I were on an unlimited NBN 100 connection, and since Superloop’s speeds are fairly comparable to Aussie Broadband’s, we started the churn process just before midnight on a Sunday to get the $77 Superloop NBN 100/40 deal. (I got a text around lunch time that the process had begun, and 10 minutes later it was all complete. Hard to complain about that.)

How did you find the sales this year? Did you get all your Christmas gifts already, or still in that weird spot where you’re working out what to buy?


    • I got a switch from ebgames. Overpaid compared to Amazon as it turned out but eh, took it home and played it all weekend lol

  • I traded in my Wii U and games before Black Friday and got myself a Switch Lite for 50cents.
    Other than that, the only advantage I took was trading in my old PS4 controller for a new one ’cause the d-pad was dying. That cost me less than 20 bucks.

    It may not seem much but it’s more than I’ve ever done in the past so I’m pleased.

  • I picked up three months of Game Pass for $1 so I can work my way through the 10 or so games I want to play on there. I’m still wary of knock on effects from this system (And the copycats that will spring up from it), but I’m happy to get access to some games that I otherwise couldn’t justify handing over the cash for.

  • I took advantage of JB HiFi’s sale on Anthem for $4. I probably spent more on fuel driving to the store and back for a download code.

    • The funny thing is I went to the Galleries Victoria JB Hifi on Friday and it was $40 or at least not stickered any less so I was inclined to call it Fake News. But if you actually got it for $4… I guess someone lost a 0 somewhere?

      • Locally they werent restickering them either, but a quick scan by the staff showed the register price of what I was getting was the sale price. That was a couple of 12 month Playstation things and a couple of games. Might have been a Logitech remote in there as well. All were higher on the sticker though than they were at the register. Forgot about Anthem actually, would have nabbed it if I’d remembered.

        • I find that happens with JB Hifi a lot actually. Got the Banasplits movie below the ticket and a headset for a fair discount.

          Of course I realised afterwards that I’d picked up the wrong headset. Oops!

  • I picked up the Resident Evil 2 remake for $25 on PS Store. Nice little addition to the pile of shame that may or may not end up actually getting played at some point 😛

  • I bought a mattress for $150 off at Ikea. Only other Black Friday item (headset I got was ticketed for 30% off normally) was the HORI left d-pad Mario edition.

  • PSVR that was spruiked on here. Very much looking forward to that arriving on Thursday. A couple of Kindle Paper-Whites, some noise-cancellation headphones and a Galaxy Gear Active 2 cellular. Also got some gaming goodies else where, like a metal, 6-combination puzzle scroll case that the players will love.

    An expensive weekend but so many new toys.

  • Black Friday and Cyber Monday just generally means lots more emails I need to delete out of my various inboxes, because I’m receiving an email from every store I’ve ever bough anything from, every newsletter I signed up for, every competition I ever entered, all sending emails claiming their sale is better than the next guy.

    Joke’s on you, I generally won’t buy things unless I need them, it’s not often I’m an impulse purchaser.

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