Cyber Monday Is The Best Day To Switch Your NBN Plan

Cyber Monday Is The Best Day To Switch Your NBN Plan
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Missed out on the bargains for NBN unlimited plans? Don’t worry, because you can still pick them up today.

The two best NBN deals of last week from Superloop and Aussie Broadband are still available, meaning you can get a quality NBN 100 / 40 unlimited plans for under $80 a month. The deals are only discounted for the first six months, but you’re still saving at least $20 a month.

Superloop currently have the cheapest NBN 50 and NBN 100 plans in the country, and here’s how much you’ll pay for those across their 500GB and Unlimited offerings.

The $77.95 is discounted from $98.95, which is about a normal price for unlimited NBN 100 in Australia. If you’d rather stick to the well known Aussie Broadband, whose service has been absolutely killer — minus that time the whole call centre went down with the literal shits — they’re also doing a deal on their NBN 100 / 40 unlimited plan. Note that you’ll need to use the BLACK20 checkout code for the $20 discount.

Here’s the full roster of NBN 100 (100/20 and 100/40) plans available in Australia at the moment. Superloop and Aussie are the best deals at the moment, followed by the $89.95/month offering from MyRepublic. Everything after that point gets into the $100/month territory.


  • The whole Black Friday and then Cyber Monday is just stupid. Saw one store that had Black Friday posters hung up and on the ground they had the Cyber monday signs in waiting with exact same deals. People didn’t even know what Black Friday was. When you tell them its do with Thanksgiving and they say but we don’t celebrate that, well exactly why its stupid.

    • It’s only got to do with Thanksgiving to the extent that the day after the long weekend is traditionally the US’s busiest shopping day, which also happens to be the day after Thanksgiving, and a bunch of shops decided to run sales on that day to capitalise. In any practical sense it’s no different from ‘Click Frenzy’ or Alibaba’s ‘Singles Day’.

  • Is superloop reliable? I’m up in far north queensland and am unfamiliar with them and aussie broadband. I’ve only heard of telstra, optus, TPG and dodo.

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