Destiny 2’s Next Season Is All About Osiris, Saint-14 And… Time?

Destiny 2’s Next Season Is All About Osiris, Saint-14 And… Time?

Rough time for our biggest Destiny 2 expert to be on jury duty, folks, but here we are with some unskippable news. Bungie just posted a trailer to hype the Season of Dawn, which will run in Destiny 2 from December 10 through March 9. Whoa, that’s Saint-14! (Googles “Saint-14”…)

Here’s the setup, spinning out of the Season of Undying that’s been running since the October launch of Destiny 2’s entertaining Shadowkeep expansion: “With the Vex Invasion now defeated, Osiris calls upon you to face a new threat. Stop a council of Cabal Psion Flayers from manipulating time and undoing our victory against the Red Legion.”

Sounds like our main seasonal mission giver will be Osiris, the legendary Warlock who Destiny 2 players last encountered in Destiny 2’s underwhelming first expansion, Curse Of Osiris. He’s back, narrating the Season of Dawn trailer, which shows a lot of what’s to come in the game over the next four months.

The standout is right here in the video thumbnail: the appearance of Saint-14, a missing legendary Titan whose story has been told peripherally through item and quest lore across the two Destiny games and whose helmet was a popular exotic item.

So what do you do in Season of Dawn?

Bungie promises the following activity that will be available to all players: “Help Osiris fix the timeline by restoring Obelisks on four destinations.”

And they promise a lot more to anyone who buys the new season’s $US10 ($15) premium pass, including a “new 6-player activity: The Sundial,” new exotic quests, and new bounties and lore books.

There will also be a season-long item unlock system, similar to Fortnite’s Battle Pass, that was introduced into Destiny 2 with Shadowkeep. 

It’s unclear if much or any of the season will include sizable additions to the game’s map. Season of Dawn was never going to be as hefty as the Season of Undying, which came along with the Shadowkeep expansion that added the moon as a new explorable area to the game. It’s hard to tell now if the timeline/Obelisk story or the Sundial activity will be a big draw and can keep players entertained, but we’ll know a lot more about them once Bungie hosts a livestream reveal tomorrow. The season goes live a week from today.


  • I only got to level 45 of the season pass before I lost interest so I’ll probably skip this one. I did like the armour ornaments but the idea of bounty grinding is really not appealing to me

    • I pretty easily ranked the season pass, by just making sure I always had active bounties for whatever I was doing (playing crucible for an evening – grab as many crucible bounties as possible and keep topping them up every couple of matches plus generic destination bounties for each destination that can be got in crucible like “kill 10 enemies with your super on titan” or whatever, and any gambit or vanguard bounties that were also generic), and that way any evening I played some crucible or a few strikes I’d go up 5-6 ranks no problem.

      But there’s a stack of stuff I’ll just never complete this season – the Vex Offensive triumphs for the Undying Seal are well out of reach for even a “serious casual player” like me – I do like to play other games, and watch TV with my wife, and sometimes even leave the house. Pit of Heresy I’ve not managed as nearly all my clan moved to PC ( you know who you are… 🙂 ).

      I think they’re risking a lot of players burning out.

  • Getting a high level is really not that hard, but it is frustrating to constantly pick up bounties by either going back to the tower or the vendor on the planet. Just give us a quick menu to buy and we can visit the NPC’s for rewards.

  • After grinding through all 100 levels of the last season – the last 50 in about two weeks – every day picking up bounties and grinding away, what can I say?

    I love Destiny Strikes, and I love the 6 player activities, and the ticking over of the season pass when I wasn’t paying attention to it was nice. However grinding to complete it… a big nope.

    We were told before the season pass that it would reward everything, and it kinda does, but what was not explicit was that you absolutely need to grab bounties for everything to make any substantial gains.

  • Having a hard time trying to figure out what is the video posted and what is an ad. Too much shit popping up at the last minute.

  • I didn’t finish the season pass this time around, but it was enjoyable to play and be rewarded multiple times over within a short span. Curious to see what happens with Osiris this time, and hopefully the Eris story keeps playing on in some form sooner rather than later.

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