DiRT’s Steam Banner Briefly Featured 100 Percent More Waifu

Owners of DiRT Showdown got a nice surprise this week, when they opened up Steam only to discover the arcade rally racer had transitioned into ... waifu?

Players on Steam, Reddit and Twitter started noticing some weird behaviour when they opened up Steam recently. It started with DiRT Showdown, a rally racing game from Codemasters. Instead of a standard banner shot of a rally car in their Steam library, they got some waifu.

Someone must be trolling at codemaster or steam from r/dirtgame

What happened to the Dirt Showdown Steam Page??? XD from r/dirtgame

A quick search shows the image came from Nekopara Vol. 0, a visual novel from 2015. Why DiRT Showdown's banner got replaced with an adult game about catgirls is another question entirely, one users had no trouble asking.

But it wasn't just DiRT Showdown that was supposedly affected. The game has since been pulled from Steam, but users noted that other games were getting swapped around, too.

Image: ResetERA
Image: ResetERA
Image: Twitter (@ginger_hall)

Some users even got this for Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer on their Steam account, although on my account all I got was a blank image.

It's worth noting that users can now set custom logos and backgrounds on their Steam library, simply by right-clicking on the banner image in the Steam client. It's not known what exactly caused the bug, and I've contacted Valve for clarification but timezones meant I didn't hear back by the time of publication. The games affected, or at least the ones in my Steam library, appear to be OK (or displaying a blank image like MW3).

Still, it's a good bug for a laugh. There's more than a few people who would probably give DiRT Showdown another look if it had some extra waifu. Maybe an idea for DLC, Codies?


    Why does Dirt Showdown have this thumbnail?
    Is Steam telling me that I'm a weeb trash?
    I don't even own Nekopara

    well since you know the name of it based on the image... weeb trash is the least of your concerns.

      I’d say Alex is a man of taste and culture for knowing it, but he said that he did an image search to find where it’s from.

        The quote is actually from one of the tweet and not from Alex. Since the guy that tweet it knows the game.... he is weeb enough to know what it is.

      Check out the profile. I didn’t think furries were higher on the subculture hierarchy than weebs, but fox boy apparently thinks otherwise.

    Nekopara vol 0 isn’t adult as such since it’s a prequel.

    Always waifus, never husbandos :(

    Several of these title/picture combos are far superior to real games that exist.

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