EA Lost Command & Conquer Announcer’s Voice Tapes, So She’s Re-Recording Them

EA Lost Command & Conquer Announcer’s Voice Tapes, So She’s Re-Recording Them

In putting together the HD remake of Command & Conquer, EA went to get the old recordings of the game’s announcer, EVA, and couldn’t find them. No big deal, they just went got the original voice actor to re-record everything.

Kia Huntzinger, a former employee at Westwood (the creators of C&C, RIP) was responsible for the iconic performance, which will be burned into the consciousness of anyone who played C&C for more than 30 seconds.

The good news doesn’t end there. Despite coming 24 years after the original, Huntzinger’s performance in 2019 sounds exactly as you’d remember:

The first time you hear each line here is the original 1995 line, the cleaner version afterwards is the 2019 version.


  • Awh, poor Westwood… Gosh, that’s a pain in the heart to hear the name. Like hearing the name of a departed loved one.

    • Having EA name their online launcher/marketplace ‘Origin’ is a similar stab in the heart of someone who grew up with Origin Systems Incorporated from the early Ultimas, through Space Rogue and Tangled Tales, Autoduel… so many classics.

      • Origin Systems always immediately conjures memories of Wing Commander for me. Lost count of how many times I saw that ‘grid’ logo pop up. That fucking soap opera space sim… *sniffle* HOBBES. WHY. It stings to this day.

        Oh, and let’s not forget Crusader. Damn I loved those games.

        • My computer wasn’t good enough to run Crusader, so I got to watch a friend play them and just taped his exploits with a video camera. Thats how I made my ‘all cinema’ videos back when for 7th Guest, FF7 etc. Origin was really pushing the boundaries of what you could always do with technology.

          And yes, Wing Commander was fantastic. I was a good enough pilot, that in order for the dynamic difficulty to keep up with me it kept killing my wingmen offscreen the mission before I was due to fly with them, so I ended up doing the campaign solo with completing all the objectives and killing all the enemies ships…

          Except Maniac. The computer always left Maniac alive since having him on your wing increased the chances of you getting shot by friendly fire.

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