Fans Hate Dynamaxing In Pokémon

Fans Hate Dynamaxing In Pokémon
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Dynamax and Gigantamax were new features introduced in the latest Pokémon Shield and Sword titles but they’ve just been banned by the competitive Pokémon community.

The folks over at Smogon University, one of Pokémon’s biggest competitive sites, have decided to put a moratorium on dynamaxing and gigamaxing in competitive battling. In a forum post, they said the feature was banned because of its unpredictability.

“The reasoning behind the Dynamax ban involves the increase in power, the impact of the secondary effects each type’s move has, the defensive merit gained through doubling the HP of any Dynamax user, and the element of unpredictability that comes alongside being able to Dynamax with any Pokemon at any point of the game,” the post read.

Smogon outlined it was voted via a very select process to ensure only qualified, high-performing players could have a say.

“Dynamax was voted on and banned through a process known as suspecting,” the post read. “The process of a suspect involves opening up a formal discussion thread, such as the one here, and conducting a vote among qualified players after the suspect period is over.

“Qualification is gained through doing well on the ladder, specifically by achieving a GXE of 81 or higher with a minimum of 40 games.”

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This new rule won’t affect any of Pokémon’s official competitive tournaments, Play! Pokémon, but Smogon’s decision casts a shadow of doubt over whether it should really be used at all.

“Preserving a metagame that has player skill as the main determinant of the outcome of battles is of greater importance than preserving a mechanic to align the generation’s identity with, which we deem unnecessary,” Smogon’s announcement concluded.

“While we realize that the metagame in the aftermath of this ban may take time to develop and require further tiering action, that will always be on the table and we will do everything within our power as a tiering council to promote a metagame that is highly competitive.”


  • Title should be changed to “Select group of competitive players vote to ban Dynamaxing”.
    There’s nothing here about anyone hating it, and the group in question certainly doesn’t represent most of Pokémon’s fans.

  • There goes Smogon getting butt hurt about regular game mechanics.
    Anything they can’t predict they hate… ban evasion moves we can’t predict when moves will hit… ban mega lucario he has too many moves, we can’t predict him…

    • Dynamaxing isn’t that fun though.

      The moves are all the same but the damage depends on the base moves it’s replacing, and that’s as deep as it gets.

      As a pure pve player, having to dynamax all the time in raids is boring as I don’t get to think things through. Even in 5 star raids I just pick type advantagr then instant dynamax – getting through the first shield to trigger debuffs is all you need, and the only reason to dynamax is to get double shield damage.

      Basically it’s a sleeper mechanic. That every pokemon can do it means you don’t even tactically pick certain pokemon to use it – just whatevet your strongest type advantage is.

  • The topic title “Fans Hate Dynamaxing In Pokémon” is very misleading.

    This is simply a ban on something in one competitive community, in the interest of keeping competition more fair. It does not represent the views of players as a whole.

    Fans do not hate Dynamaxing In Pokémon. One competitive community has decided that Dynamaxing is anti-competitive. That’s it.

  • When did unpredictability become a bad thing for Pokemon?
    Prediction is literally the main focus of competitive battling. Adding a feature to make it harder to predict can only be a good thing.
    As much as Gen 8 blows, Smogon blows that much worse. Bunch of crybabies.

  • This is Smogon though – the unofficial competitive Pokemon community that mostly revolves around single battles. VGC, the official format is doubles, and hasn’t banned dynamax – in fact, the 2020 ruleset is allowing certain Gigantamax Pokemon on top of Dynamaxing. I certainly don’t hate Dynamaxing, in particular there’s a lot of crafty combos in VGC that have won me games. This is just Smogon, and honestly, they ban anything to ubers that’s too strong.

  • It’s banned in the smogon format because in singles battles a Pokemon becomes twice as bulky and can both set up stat or terrain boosts while simultaneously launching powerful attacks for three whole turns, leading more often than not to the opponent being very overwhelmed. This isn’t a problem in the official VGC format, as a dynamaxed Pokemon can only target one pokemon at a time, leaving the partner free to attempt to mitigate the dynamaxed Pokemon. In singles it creates a very oppressive metagame whereas in doubles it creates a bunch of fun new strategies. If you wanna use dynamax Pokemon, head to VGC where they are allowed. If you wanna play singles in a fairly balanced environment, head to

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