Full Metal Panic Manga Creator Apologizes After Tweets About Greta Thunberg

Screenshot: Fujimi Shobo

Over the weekend, manga creator Shouji Gatou took to Twitter, writing what he thought about environmental activist Greta Thunberg. Today, he has apologised, calling his earlier remarks “awful.”

“I hate this kid,” he wrote in a now-deleted tweet about Thunberg, reports NicoNico. “If I pulled the strings that controlled the world, I would like to snatch everything away from her, knock her into the dregs of hope, and sneer.”

“I want to make her eat a steaming hot, delicious steak and watch her shed bitter tears,” the famed manga creator added. Thunberg is a vegan.

Today, Gatou has apologised on Twitter, acknowledging he made “awful remarks” about a minor. “I have reflected (on my remarks) and am deleting them. For the time being, I am taking a break from Twitter. To everyone else, I am truly sorry for any agony caused by my disrespectful words.”


    At least in these interesting times we live its easy to see who the awful people are.

      Yes. The lynch mobs who demand people conform or be destroyed.

        Or perhaps the adults who attack children who dare to stand up for what they believe in (whether you believe in that too or not)?

    I don't like brand 'Thunberg' either, but I wish her no personal ill will.

      Same. His reaction is way over the top and he should apologise.

    I'm sure people will continue to condemn him for it now and forever as seems to be the trend with past Twitter comments these days. Just because the internet never forgets it doesn't mean people should never forgive.

    He can say what he wants, and people have every right to disagree with him.
    He can slag off Greta, and people can slag him off if they don't agree. That's the way it works.
    If you don't want to be judged on your political views, maybe keep them to yourself. If you want to share them, be aware that not everyone will have the same opinion.

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