Gamers Order Switches From Amazon, Get Condoms And Tambourines Instead

Image: The Mirror

Imagine it's Black Friday. You've been waiting all year to buy a Nintendo Switch. You see a great deal, and you order it through Amazon. Success! Your Switch is now on its way. But there's a small problem. You open up the Amazon package, and instead of seeing a Switch box, you see ... condoms?

Users have been complaining to the Amazon Help official Twitter account over the last week, reporting that Amazon UK has sent them a variety of items with no relation to the Nintendo Switch deals they were expecting.

Switch bundles were discounted to £279 in the UK for Black Friday. But when the packages started arriving, customers received all sorts of random items. One user was sent a LEGO Friends box. Another received "a microphone and a tambourine". One user got a bed sheet, while another got a Remington hair trimmer.

Readers who contacted The Mirror relayed other horror stories. "Ordered a Nintendo switch for our son for Christmas, delivery today and in the box is a bed sheet we never ordered," one user said. Another Switch order turned out to be a box of batteries and washing powder.

"Order a Nintendo Switch and it's a ream of paper instead. Strangely you can't get hold of Amazon," another reader told The Mirror.

But if all of the above was bad, think of the poor customer who got this instead of a pair of Joy-Cons:

As funny it is, the real kicker is how Amazon has handled the situation. Amazon has promised to refund customers, but customers claim Amazon customer services have refused to let them repurchase the Switch deals at the Black Friday price.

"We're reaching out to every customer who's had a problem and made us aware so we can put it right," an Amazon spokeperson told the Mirror.


    So I wonder if this was a mix up or switch up.
    I’m thinking the latter by some of the items that were received.

      Easy answer to this is, has anyone reported receiving a switch and not their ordered items.

        Would you?
        I prob wouldn’t, after an extreme period of going back and forth between guilt and justification of course.

          HAHAHAHA imagine that, oh dang my condoms where replaced with a Switch. What better contraception.

    Aww, it's funny till it's not. I don't know how much the discount saved, but I'm betting it was a fair amount, for Amazon just to refund them is a real kick in the pants.

      The only bundle I can see on Amazon UK is a console+game bundle for £299, so I'd guess it's around a £20 discount.

    Were these products sold by Amazon itself, or third parties selling through the site? Some of the tweets sound like they're talking about third parties.

    I could imagine a dodgy seller tell Amazon that they had more stock on hand than they really did, and needing to ship something so they'd have a tracking number to pass back to Amazon.

      Reading the article it sounds like 3rd parties.

      Happy to say I got the Switch I ordered on Black Friday from AmazonAU.

    Maybe they ran out of switches and this seemed like the best way to for-fill those orders. Poor warehouse staff probably get lashings for not being able to complete orders, 300 boxed and sent items per hour, I would be stressing to get 100 done!

    When you order a Switch and get condoms, that's when you know that Nintendo is not just for kids anymore.

      i get that feeling just browsing the second page of the eShop

        Try the last page - that's where they keep the good shit ;P

    Oh god! Imagine ordering something as amazing as a switch and you open the box to find ... tambourines!! It’s so awful I’m laughing as I type. I think I would just stare at the box for like an hour in shock.

    the ol' nintendo switcheroo

      What a facile and absolute obvious joke.

      Have you damn upvote.

    This is the big reason why I only buy things from Amazon that say they are shipped by Amazon.

    The part where you don't get the same thing re-shipped but instead get a refund and have to re-purchase... that's incredibly dodgy and shouldn't be allowed. Don't advertise it if you can't ship it. If you can't ship it after it's been ordered, don't ship weird shit and waste the customer's time and effort having to send it back and claim refunds.

      This reeks, and I would like to see Amazon investigated by the ACCC for this shit.

        This was in the UK - I don't think there's been reports of Amazon Australia doing this so there's nothing for ACCC to investigate.

    receiving some lego instead of a switch? sounds like they got a good discount.

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