Get Unlimited 100/40 NBN, Get $200 To Drop On Games

Get Unlimited 100/40 NBN, Get $200 To Drop On Games
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If you were looking to switch NBN plans earlier this week, about $120 was the biggest discount you could get. Now there’s $200 virtual MasterCards on offer, which isn’t the same as a discount, but it’s a nice alternative.

The plans are offered by MyRepublic, the gaming-focused provider that’s always been about affordable, unlimited data plans. Their cheapest offer at the moment is the NBN 100 / 40 unlimited plan for $79.95, which comes with a $200 Virtual MasterCard e-Gift Card if you use the XMASTREAT checkout code.

Like the Superloop and Aussie Broadband deals earlier, the $79.95 plan is for the first six months only. After that, the price rises to $89.95 a month. Just note that MyRepublic don’t do month to month deals, so you’ll be signing up to a 12 month minimum contract.

The deal’s available for the NBN 50 plans as well, although the virtual MasterCard is only worth $120. The monthly price remains fixed at $75 a month, however, so you might as well get the 100/40 deal. Both will be available until December 19.

For a list of all the NBN 100/40 plans available right now, here’s a full list.


  • Aweseome! I’m gonna go and change over now… Oh wait, I *still* don’t have NBN available and won’t until late in the first half of next year…

  • Wait wait, changing over riiiiiiiiiiiight…

    Oh that’s right, fucking fibre to the node means I’m stuck on 50/20 max in my area :\

  • Also limited to the first 500 customers to sign-up. Does seem like a pretty good deal though with the $200 credit.

  • I’m with my republic and I will be leaving when my 12 month contract is up in January. Signed up for a deal in hopes of getting faster speeds than my previous connection to Telstra NBN (after I was getting 57mbs for a year and than unexpectedly dropped to 27mbs with no explanation) but when I signed up to My Republic (which requires you to tick a box saying you wave your Australian consumer rights….)NOPE slower speeds and much higher PING…. no one ever answers the phone tech support either which means you can only communicate via online chat which works ok but did nothing to fix my speed drop . I then kept getting disconnected which they fixed by slowing my speed a little further. Those who are complaining that they don’t have nbn yet be happy you should be getting fibre to the curb instead of node like us early installed suburbs. NBN is a joke. thanks Malcolm and Tony!!

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