Ghost Recon Breakpoint Players Really Want AI Teammates

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Players Really Want AI Teammates

Ghost Recon Breakpoint players want to see the game become more tactical, less grindy, and be less online, according to the results of a player survey Ubisoft shared on Friday.

Thousands of players participated, and the requested changes and additions, many of which are already in the works, aren’t that surprising to anyone who’s been playing the game regularly or following its community since its October 4 launch.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Over 50 per cent of all players who responded asked for AI teammates.

  • 35 per cent requested improvements to enemy AI, the option to sell all their weapons and gear at once, and for Ubisoft to get rid of tiered loot and gear scores.

  • Roughly another third want to see an end to the game’s online requirements.

  • Around 15 per cent don’t want to see other online players in the game’s hub area of Erewhon.

  • 20 per cent of players want to see base jumping improved

  • Approximately a quarter of players care most about vehicle handling and the in-game economy being fixed.

  • Unsurprisingly, most players want to see the game get more story content, weapons, and better customisation features in the future.

The two-week survey is part of Ubisoft’s ongoing attempts to make Ghost Recon Breakpoint a game people want keep player. On October 24, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot explained to investors that the game’s launch had been dissapointing, and a week later the development team put out a letter to fans addressing the need for things like more bug fixes as well as structural changes to the game’s underlying progression system.

AI teammates is something players have been waiting for since before the game even launched when, back at E3 2019, Ubisoft announced it had changed course and would be adding them to the game after all. Prior to that, the company had intended for Breakpoint’s main campaign to be a more lonely, survivalist experience. While this sounds find in theory, in practice, it made Breakpoint feel very similar to Ubisoft’s other single-player open world games and much less like Ghost Recon.


But while AI teammates are in development, they, along with other big changes like overhauling the game’s loot system, won’t see the light of day until sometime early next year. The team didn’t even give a timeline for the other top request: getting rid of Breakpoint’s always online requirement. “Due to its scope, the remaining top result will require more investigation,” the team said in its survey notes. “Please look forward for more information on this topic by early next year.”

More immediately, the development team is trying to soften the game’s grind by giving players more stuff. An update released late last week took 40 of the game’s items and unlocked them from the start so players no longer need to loot or buy them before being able to customise their characters more. The game also received its Project Titan raid last week, a four-player affair that the company called its “toughest end-game challenge.”

Whether that’s a good thing or not though remains to be seen. I haven’t been in a position to attempt it, but lots of players who have on the game’s subreddit have complained that its extreme difficulty isn’t all that fun. It’s reminiscent of The Division 2‘s first raid which, when it launched earlier this year, was so challenging players on console weren’t even able to complete it during the first day. That game was in a very different place after it launched, however. Already frustrated in many ways with Breakpoint, Ghost Recon players might not be as willing to stick around and slog through it.


  • Sounds like they want Ubisoft to stop being Ubisoft. I’d like to see that too but I won’t hold my breath.

    • Ubisoft did get a little better for a while there.
      But I suppose nothing says Ubisoft like veering off a cliff when they finally look like their getting on track.

      • I don’t think they did… they just put out a good game or two that overshadowed the shit that came with them. Odyssey was a legitimately great game, but the service that came with it was still ass.

        • I did say a little better ha ha.
          The Division, Wildlands, Far Cry and Odyssey had their flaws but it looked like Ubisoft was taking a few steps in the right direction.

      • I mean yeah, who wouldn’t want a good sequel to a good game instead of a half baked concept designed to sell microtransactions?

      • Yep. If wanted to play the division, id play…you know the division. the fact that they though people who enjoyed Ghost Recon would want RPG Levels and Loot drops with no AI squadmates at all is just plain stupidity on Ubisofts behalf.

        Kinda like how with Far Cry New Dawn they added a stupid rpg lvl system to the game and the system from Far Cry 3 and 4 was perfect

  • I can’t believe they needed a survey to tell them what the community has been asking for since Wildlands.
    The results read like the Ubisoft forums during Wildlands update cycle and the countless threads about what people wanted for the sequel.

  • I actually had a lot of fun with ‘Wildlands’, coming in to it later on…a good example of a ‘good-not-great’ game like the other article on here today. One of my favourite parts was the customisable AI team-mates. While multiplayer coop is fun, some days I’m just not feeling that sociable. As soon as they said there was no AI in Breakpoint, I was out straight away.

    Even if they add it in at this point, I don’t think I’d bite because the game was obviously built without it in mind by design. Better luck next time I guess.

    • I actually kinda like it. Obviously, the things that most players reported are things it really needs – the AI companions, base jumping needs to exist full stop (it currently doesn’t), getting rid of the pointless gearscore bullshit, and the always-online garbage, but underneath all that was a pretty satisfying loop of, “Recon, plan, execute,” that Wildlands had.

      Mind you, the only time the gearscore really matters is when it comes to taking out vehicles and drones. They were true to their word on head-shots being one-shot-kills for human enemies who make up the bulk of the opposing force. Drones are usually limited to one or two tank type ones at most, not always even present in most outposts, occasionally weaker flying scout drones, again generally limited to only a couple. The problem with the drones is that they serve as an instant base alert. It’s not usually possible to one-shot them, and if you do, they blow up with a noisy explosion that alerts people anyway, so it feels like they’ve been added as a lazy developer trick to force you into open firefights more often, preventing you from clearing some bases without detection. It’s a shitty design decision, but they’ve at least not put it everywhere. If they’d used it more frequently, I wouldn’t have played for as long as I did.

      If not for the drones, the gearscore complaint would be irrelevant.

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