Goose Game Merch Is Here So You Can Honk Around The Christmas Tree

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Honk, the herald angels sing.

Just in time for Christmas, particularly the Australian summer where lunches are held outside and birds like to flog your chips with abandon, the official Untitled Goose Game merch shop is up. There's five items of clothing you can buy from the Aussie developers, including some very adorable socks, as well as a cute postcard that has an eShop code for the game.

The long-sleeve Horrible Goose shirt has some fantastic art on it, courtesy of Helena Covell.

But if you want something a little more cuter, identifiable, the Bonkers shirt is just too good.

And then there's the Fuzzy goose in all his glory:

The shirts are between $38 and $45 local, as they're printed and shipped from the US. Still, as a one off it's a pretty cute, especially if you or someone in your life went nuts over The Goose. You can check out all the sizings and options on the official page.


    No size guide, no sale. Selling clothing 101.

      If you're between sizes then buy up. Simple you fool.

        Wouldn't know what size I am because they haven't provided a bloody size guide with the measurements listed in inches and/or centimetres.

      Shirt brand and type is in the description of each item (differs between items), so it's not really that hard to just look up the sizing guides yourself...maybe 2min?

      These designs are so much better than the usual 'print some fan art on a shirt' style gaming shirts that you find online that it's worth it in my opinion!

    I bought the socks and fluffy goose shirt as presents last christmas, but was jealous that they weren't for me.

    Now my time has come!

    Btw, the fluffy goose shirt is fantastic.

    It's an Australian game! Why didn't they go local to source a manufacturer?

    That black and white long sleeve is bloody awful. Why didn't they just use the same art as the game?

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