Green Man Gaming's New Year Sales Are Stupid Cheap

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Christmas and Boxing Day are done, but there's still plenty of banger deals going around.

Green Man Gaming always come to the table every holiday, and this Boxing Day is no exception. Monster Hunter World and Final Fantasy XV are going for a song on PC at just over $20 each, and there's a massive treasure trove of banger gamers for less than $5.

Farenheit for 75 cents is an absurd deal. Inner Space for $2.49 is great, and Flame in the Flood for $1.91 is a great get.

You can get all games on site for an extra 5% off with the HAPPYHOLIDAYS checkout code as well. Note that all prices below do not include the extra 5% discount. The discount will apply across your whole cart if you get a bunch of games, too, and all prices are in Australian dollars.

Here's a pick of the games that you can get for bugger all:

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Lords of Shadow Mirror of Fate is a steal at that price, but not as much as paying thirty seven cents for the Apogee shareware games. What the hell. Playing through the Injustice campaign for $1.91 might be the best bargain you get these holidays, too.

As for the bigger name games, here's the pick of those. DMC 5 is available for a banger price, and the best Jackbox packs are at a very appealing price.

There's more deals - thousands, really - through the Green Man Gaming front page.

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    Safety First is a pisser in small doses, pun intended. Best 37 cents I've spent in a while.

    Man of Medan is 44.00 when clicking that link.

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