Halo Immediately Launches Into Steam's Most Played Games

It's 2019, and one of the most played games on PC is ... Halo.

The launch of Halo not just on PC, but on Steam, was always going to be a monumental occasion. And even though the game only officially unlocked in Australia early this morning — around 5:00 AM AEDT — the game is already starting to go toe-for-toe with PUBG, with just over 138,000 concurrent players.

PUBG has around 141k players at the time of writing, although the game peaked at 613k earlier today, the highest of any game on Steam right now. A better comparison is with Destiny 2, GTA 5 and Rainbow Six: Siege, games that have fairly stable player bases and are consistently in Steam's top 10 games themselves. Halo: Reach — or Halo: Master Chief Collection, technically — has soared above all of that, and it's not including anyone playing on PC through Xbox Game Pass or the Microsoft Store.

Image: SteamDB

Steam usually tends to peak between midnight and 3:00 AM AEDT Australian time, and as more people get the game tonight (internationally) and download what they need, we should get a better sense of how big Halo's PC launch actually is. For now, the indicators are pretty obvious: PC players are thirsty for some Halo. And as more Halo gets added to the Master Chief Collection on PC, it should at least make for some regular spikes over the next year, starting with the original Halo when that gets added early next year.

Now, who's up for a Halo LAN party over Christmas?



    Exclusivity is the marketing tool of people who don't have a real plan.

    Not too shocking considering it's Halo. Sometimes I think people forget that Halo is actually awesome. It's more than just the Microsoft Brand FPS. It's always hard to get people to try it but if the game hooks them it hooks them for life. They'll go off and play something else eventually because new horizons are fun but there's something uniquely satisfying about it that brings people back with minimal prompting.

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