Heroes Of Might And Magic Deserves Better Than This Mobile Knock-Off

Browsing the Play Store the other day, an icon leapt off the screen. "Is that Heroes of Might and Magic," I thought, seeing the lion from the classic Heroes of Might and Magic 2 box art.

Instead, what I found was a shameless rip-off of the '90s classic, where classic strategy and management was replaced with mindless pay-to-win drivel.

The game's called Heroes & Magic. It's made by TINYSOFT, a developer whose history has been primarily creating roulette and slot machine games for mobile. Someone on staff is clearly a fan of the old Heroes franchise however, because the way the game is advertised it looks like a straight up replacement for HOMM3:

What you actually get when you fire up the game is this:

The battlefield looks like a 4:3 image has been squished and stretched to fit into a phone's aspect ratio. The actual combat plays well enough to the classic HOMM formula, and it at least retains the turn-based combat. Unit stacks have different speeds, with the first turn going to whoever has the fastest unit (and the attacker getting first dibs if there's a tie).

You have a range of defensive, offensive and utility spells, with maximum mana determined by the individual stats of your hero. Each of the units come from various houses ripped straight from HOMM: Necropolis, Castle, Fortress, Dungeon, Stronghold, and so on.

You battle until one army is left standing, and if you win, you get a bunch of XP, maybe a chest, some gems, and the chance to move up a leaderboard.

So instead of actually being a turn-based strategy game with base management, hero development and a map with enemies, resources and pathways to negotiate - or anything that might resemble the screenshots of the game advertised on the Play Store - you're just playing a series of PvP battles against enemy heroes where loot boxes determine the winner.

And when I mean loot boxes, I'm not kidding. The only way you can grow your army, or get different army types, is by unlocking them through chests that are tied to timers:

Naturally, there's options for spending up to $150 on garbage microtransactions if you want to go down this insane bastardisation of a classic franchise:


So yeah, if you see something that looks like Heroes of Might and Magic floating around the Play Store or App Store, don't be fooled. It's a shameless pay-to-win knock off of a franchise that deserves much, much better than this. Ubisoft has an official spiritual successor to the franchise in Might & Magic Heroes: Era of Chaos, but that game doesn't play anything like the classic HOMM games. Still, it's the closest you can get after Ubi's HD re-release of Heroes of Might and Magic 3 was pulled from sale.

Surely, someone somewhere can do better. Stop bastardising a great franchise with this pay-to-win garbage, thanks.


    HOMM3 was the best, but so dated, HOMM5 still looks good today and is good to play with friends or your SO. 6 & 7 can stay in the trash where they belong.

      Now and then I put on the soundtrack to HOMM2.
      I used to pull that CD out of the computer and put it in my CD player when I wasn't able to game, just so I could listen to the CD tracks. Just gotta skip track one!

    Check out Songs of Conquest that's coming at some point. It was announced at E3 this year.

    I'm not sure I'd call $150 a "micro" transaction. That's more than what a whole game can cost.

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