Into The Breach Is Free On PC Today

Into The Breach Is Free On PC Today

Into The Breach was one of the best games of 2018, as well as being one of the best strategy games this generation. And right now, it’s free.

The game is the first one being given away as part of the Epic Game Store holiday sales. If you don’t have an Epic account or you’ve studiously avoided signing up to avoid handing over details, you can use the Christmas break to create a new account without any identifying personal info, which still lets you collect all the free games being added over the next fortnight.

Into the Breach can be added to your account from now until 3:00am AEST tomorrow, after which point a new game will be available for free. Epic’s been offering free games throughout the course of the year as well, and will continue to do so in 2020, so now’s a good time to get that dummy account stocked up.

Into The Breach, As Told By Steam Reviews

If the idea of Advance Wars crossed with FTL and Pacific Rim sounds intriguing, then you've got a pretty good handle on the reception Into The Breach has gotten.

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The Creators Of Into The Breach Came Very Close To Giving Up On It

The strategy game Into The Breach is elegant in its simplicity, but that’s because its designers had to scrap several huge sections of the game that just didn’t work. Matthew Davis and Justin Ma, the minds behind FTL and Into The Breach, came on Kotaku Splitscreen during GDC 2019 to tell Jason and me how many times they almost gave up on making their game.

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Also, Into the Breach is just excellent. It’s the purest of strategy, blending Advance Wars with XCOM and a dose of FTL. It’s fantastic on the Switch with the touchscreen controls, but free is better than not free, especially for a game this good.

Into The Breach: The Kotaku Review

Into the Breach is a game about the accumulation of small decisions, good or bad. It's a game that never lets you forget your past runs, especially your failures.

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    • Yeah I’ve got a pretty hefty library built up there and I’ve never spent a cent. There have been a few that I’ve already played before, but plenty that I haven’t.

    • Yeah it;s pretty good. Good deal for devs too. CJS CD keys now stocks some Epic keys as well now, I got sinking city 3 weeks after release for $30 AUD.

      • Oh man, I should’ve made that my ‘most disappointing of 2019’ instead of Anthem… I was so hyped for that. Then I read reviews and watched some let’s plays and… yeah. Such a shame.

  • It’s clever to give people a largish library of games so they become invested in the platform.

    I like this give away. I’ve been meaning to pick it up for a while now.

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