It's Like Death Stranding, But For Real

Screenshot: Asahi NewsScreenshot: Asahi News

In Japan, or anywhere with remote mountainous regions, there are porters who carry supplies and food to areas beyond vehicles’ reach. The Japanese word for this is bokka (歩荷) or literally “step cargo.”

This Asahi News report from September 2018 shows a 25-year-old porter named Masato Hagiwara. He weighs 139 pounds but carries fresh food and canned drinks through the high-altitude Ozegahara marshland national park.

His stacks reach over six-and-a-half feet, weighing 220 pounds.

According to Asahi News, it’s important that porters like Hagiwara do not overdo it. Carrying the load requires intense concentration and physical strength, but it’s necessary to take many breaks, especially before one’s shoulders start to go numb.

In that regard, these real-life porters are different from Sam Bridges, who seems to only have to contend with balancing loads and not numb shoulders. But porters like Hagiwara don’t have to deal with terrifying ghosts or take care of pod-babies. Thank goodness for that!


    I've felt heroic when I've managed to carry all the shopping bags at once from the car into the house. not feel so heroic now.

    Dear god! quick print that man a bike!

    R2.......L2.......R2 R2 R2.....L2....L2.... balance you bastard!!!!!

    Oh thank god they're just pictures!

    So Death Stranding is actually not all that unique of an idea? It’s literally copying real life delivery guys? Lol

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