You Can Still Grab The Switch Lite For $299

Image: Nintendo

If you couldn't grab the Switch Lite deals during the Black Friday rush, there's still some good deals floating around now.

JB are selling all versions of the Switch Lite for $299, save for the Zacian & Zamazenta Edition that's a little bit pricier. It's a good deal if you wanted the cuter, tighter version of the Switch: the deals during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday window were a little cheaper, but only by about $20, and the $299 price is still better than the $329 MSRP.

Anything that's worth grabbing on the Switch is just as fun on the Switch Lite, although games like Smash Ultimate might be a little harder to play in handheld mode. That said, stuff like Alien Isolation runs like a dream, and I'll still recommend Golf Story to everyone under the sun.

Update: If stock's an issue, EB, Big W and Target are selling the Switch Lite versions for $298 as well. And if you wanted the best deal on the Zacian edition, Big W are selling that for $298 instead of $329.

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Seriously, play Golf Story if you haven't already. It's so good.


    So is EB Games and BigW. BigW even has the Zacian and Zametera console for $298.

    As much as i want a switch. Im not buying one let alone the light version until they permanently fix the stick drifting issue. Or come out and state they have fixed it publically.

      FWIW I’ve had a Switch and a Switch Lite since they were both launched. No joy con drift at this point.

      Though I did have two joy cons that wouldn’t connect which were swapped by ebs on the spot.

        Your lack of drift does not cancel out the others.

        It is too much of a consistent issue for this console for me to ever want to buy one.

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