A Partner’s Review Of Jedi: Fallen Order

A Partner’s Review Of Jedi: Fallen Order
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Jedi: Fallen Order with Sonic sounds might be one of the best things today.

It’s been a while since we’ve checked in with Girlfriend Reviews, the wonderful YouTube channel that reviews games from the perspective of watching your partner play. As it turns out, the bit’s still really good, especially when you combine “thirsty Star Wars fans” and a healthy dose of EA bashing.

There’s lots of good one liners and a fair few moments where the video goes full Dunkey. But for the most part its cognisant of where the Star Wars franchise is at: Fallen Order is fun, but it’s more that expectations of EA and Star Wars games today are so far in the toilet that people are just happy to be reminded of what a decent Star Wars game is like.

I wonder how a Fallen Order sequel will turn out now that Respawn have to make it while being owned by EA. Would they have to use Frostbite now?


  • That was a fun watch.

    Glad I’ve held off on buying Fallen Order.
    I’m still going to get it but stuff like this has definetly shaved off some of the expectation and hype in a good way.

  • Didn’t they make the first one while being owned by EA?

    I can honestly say that I was surprised to see it running in Unreal, and playing Anthem it really feels like they dodged a bullet with not being stuck with Frostbite

  • I have to say she’s pretty spot on. The initial impression is very favourable but the cracks start to show sooner rather than later. It’s still fun but all of the criticisms in this video are very valid.

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