Kotaku Australia Readers’ Favourite Games Of 2019: Solvent

Kotaku Australia Readers’ Favourite Games Of 2019: Solvent

This year, Kotaku Australia is bringing in a wider range of local voices to offer their thoughts on the games they enjoyed the most in 2019, and that includes readers like solvent here. If you’d like to join in, get in touch!

The Division 2

Image: Ubisoft

I’ve never really played a MMO, or game as service, or whatever The Division is. But something about The Division 2 hooked me deep and still hasn’t let go. It’s got all the hallmarks of things I like – a beautifully realised post apocalypse, gun porn, athleisure. And sure, all those are great.

But what it really comes down to is it feels so good to shoot people in it. Drilling round after round into goons just never gets old, it’s a great stress reliever, it’s like ASMR to me. The story, the questionable motives of The Division, well none of that matters when it feels this fantastic to play time after time after time.

Battlefield 5

I thought this looked cool when it was announced, but there was a lot of well documented negativity at the time so I focused on other titles.

Come January 2019 and it was on sale for $30, so our group picked it up. It has it’s issues, namely a lack of content, but what is there is astounding. When you’re running into battle, bullets whizzing past your head, German bombers screaming past, you can’t beat that Battlefield experience. I have poured well over 100 hours in this game now, I just wish they would support it more.

Death Stranding

I didn’t really get on the hype train until close to release and boy was I not disappointed. Death Stranding was one of the most immersive experiences I’ve ever had in a game. It was perfect in almost every way. I laughed, I cried. Then I cried with laughter.

You know when you’re eating a really good sandwich, and you look down and it’s gone and you don’t remember eating it? You just know it was a transcendent experience, an amazing sandwich? That was Death Stranding for me. I was sad when it was over, those don’t come along that often. Not only my favourite game of 2019, but easily one of my all time favourites.

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The above was transcribed from an email interview.


  • Decisive choices.

    The Division 2 never hit the mark for me, and I sunk 300+ hours in the first game. I chalk it up to the change in environment and the enemy factions. Summer Washington DC just didn’t have the same characters as New York in the winter, the loss of the environmental threat of the cold I think set the game back.

    The enemy factions were also a miss for me, especially The Outcasts and Black Tusk. Wither the former just feeling out of place in the world (suicide bombers?) and latter feeling way too powerful for the setting.

    I do have other issues with loot, ect. But the above really made me miss the first game.

    • There was something special about stepping out of the safe areas in to the cold, snow covered and claustrophobic streets of NY, especially at night.
      DC is fine but it just doesn’t have that same feeling of inhospitable loneliness.

    • I’m the opposite. I fell off Division 1 hard and fast but absolutely loved Division 2. There was just a lot more diversity to the setting and the combat felt great.

    • Yeah NY winter was a better setting – although I think the neutral lighting option is slightly better in DC – both good though. I definitely do not miss that clown on the radio in NY either, good lord that got tiring.

  • Finally got in to Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

    There is a hell of a lot of metagaming and minmaxing in combat which I skipped so I could focus on the story side of things… And I am having a blast.

    Finished a first run as lawful neutral with custom advisers, am starting a second run soon with Varhold completed and going all-in on built-in npcs. Game has awesome story elements and beats – inclusing some that take dozens of hours to pay off but in a good way.

    There just aren’t many games thay scratch that narrative depth and world impact.

    BG 2 is always my gold standard, can’t wait for BG 3.

        • Yep , I guess it is pretty subjective as most gamers aren’t too keen on the difficulty of that game. Which is a shame because it is a great game.

          • We have a lot of history with Souls, current and former writers, but the general take a few weeks after the hype died down was that it wasn’t as good as Dark Souls.

            I still think it’s really great, but was interesting to see the Souls crowd lap it up. Bloodborne’s still my favourite out of the whole lot, but as someone who mostly plays on PC Sekiro was a hell of a lot more accessible.

        • Phew I was beginning to panic!

          Still, should be on more lists. I’m not even a huge souls fan but that game was epic

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