My Boyfriend Keeps Pranking Me With The Theme From Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

My Boyfriend Keeps Pranking Me With The Theme From Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

There is no greater pleasure than owning one’s significant other. Here’s how Assassin’s Creed Odyssey helped me do that this holiday season.

My dad, an extremely normal guy, got himself an Echo Show this Christmas. Last night as my Jewish boyfriend and I were making latkes, we started fooling around with it—mostly screaming at it to play different songs. Alexa had hard time with some of our requests. Despite being able to play individual songs by Pup, it could not find Pup’s latest album on Spotify, which was confusing. But it was able to play the one song I needed it to: “Legend Of The Eagle Bearer,” the main theme from Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

My boyfriend, who is also very normal, is the kind of guy who likes doing bits. He is the type of person who watches an entire season of television because he thinks it would be funny to do so. Have you ever seen the British period drama Doctor Thorne? Because my boyfriend has. He watched all of it.

A year ago, when we started dating and when I was playing Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, my boyfriend started playing the main theme of the game at like, parties. It’s like a highly specialised Rick Roll. Instead of making everyone at a party scream, it just makes me scream. Don’t get me wrong, the song whips, but it’s a hard transition to go from Pusha T to this:

So as I was elbow deep in grated potatoes last night, I told Alexa to play this song, not thinking it would be able to. But it did. And we listened to the whole thing. We’re also listening to it right now, because I want my boyfriend to know that two can play at this game.


  • I don’t know what that part about your boyfriend being Jewish had anything to do with anything; but thanks for reminding me of this song I often left the game at the main menu just to have the song play.

    • That’s really outta nowhere isn’t it? As if to justify the reason they’re making latke? Hell, I make those all the time and I’m not…

      • When details like that pop up for no seemingly necessary reason it always reminds me of people bragging and/or fishing for likes, for merely being associated with someone or something from X background. All like they hit some progressive milestone and now want a pat on the back for it.

        However, in this case I am going to assume it was mentioned because Christmas was mentioned in the previous sentence. Still kind of jarring and unnecessary, but that’d be my take on why.

      • Guarantee concerns of “cultural appropriation” was the driver for mentioning that – because you can’t enjoy things from other cultures.

        • I had latke’s for lunch today thanks to this article, a curry for dinner, I’m listening to rap right now by Eminem and I’m about to watch Ninja Batman about a white guy teleported into feudal Japan 🙂 Come at me! lol

    • Yep. She is by far the most inane writer. It’s always crap no one will care about. Like this. No one cares about her inside joke with her boyfriend.

  • What was this? Trite account of a girl doing stuff no one cares about. I thought she would talk about what she liked about the music..What does “my boyfriend is the kind of guy who likes doing bits”? What is bits? or who is bits?

  • I’m not sure why my comment was deemed inappropriate when it echoed the sentiments of the comments that preceded it.

    But this article is an odd choice, and its publication is dumbfounding.

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