There’s A New Cheap NBN 100/40 Champion

There’s A New Cheap NBN 100/40 Champion

If you were looking around for the cheapest 100/40 NBN plans, there’s a new contender in town. Or an old contender with new plans, anyway.

The best 100/40 deals you could get were during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals, when Aussie Broadband and Superloop were battling it out for bargains. Both of their deals have been knocked off the top perch, though, because Kogan – which resells NBN plans through Vodafone – now has the cheapest 100/40 unlimited offering in the country.

Kogan’s average nightly speed is around 83mbps at peak, which isn’t as fast as AussieBB or Superloop, but it’s pretty decent compared to the rest of the NBN offerings.

The plans closest to Kogan’s new offering are Superloop’s 100/20 unlimited deal – losing half the upload isn’t great – and Vodafone’s discounted 100/40 offer at $59/month. Voda’s plans jump up to $89/month after six months, while Kogan’s plans will rise $85.90/month after the same period. Most 100/40 unlimited plans are around the $99 mark though, so you’re still getting a decent saving if you want 100/40 for as cheaply as possible.

The biggest advantage here is that Kogan’s plans are no-contract, meaning that you can always switch after three or four months if another solid deal with a faster provider pops up. The only providers enforcing contracts are TPG and MyRepublic, but there’s little to gain by being locked in with the amount of deals and discounts that frequently pop up.

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  • Ive had an “active” NBN node 50m from my place for over 4 months and I still cant connect to it. crazy stuff… .my awesome adsl2 @ lucky 11Mb/s.. yay!

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