New PlayStation Commercial Rips Off Loads Of Artists

A big new commercial for PlayStation Japan, pitched as a music video featuring all the platform’s big holiday games, has a lot of cool animation throughout. Pity, then, that loads of it is copied—down to the smallest detail—from other people’s work.

Here’s the trailer in question:

Ian Jones-Quartey, creator of OK K.O.! (who has also worked on Steven Universe and Adventure Time) noticed some of the similarities earlier today, like this sequence:

Animator Oleg Kositsyn found another, where one of his pieces of animation was almost directly copied by the commercial:

And here’s an even more damning record, a video put together by Okama Sorteos showing just how much of the trailer is lifted from other artist’s work:

PlayStation Japan has since removed the trailer from its YouTube page.


    Queue "We're still investigating this, but any wrongdoing from our side is not intentional. It might be that one of our artists or freelancers got inspired by sources that they liked."

      Kinda sorta maybe?

      We had no knowledge that the work produced by Kevin Bao was plagiarized. We have ceased with immediate effect any representation of Kevin Boa's work and have contacted Kevin for a response.

        Good find, I was curious about the specifics.

        Talk about professional suicide, he’s closed down all his social media accounts and done an online runner.
        (Seems he’s been accused of plagiarism in the past too)

    This is SO blatant, like holy shit there's no way to spin it without them coming out looking even worse.

      It's pretty much frame for frame. Same placement and everything. It's incredibly damning

    But it's still completely legal and fine with everybody to copy dances and gestures for emotes in games.

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