Ninja: Good At Gaming, Terrible With Bread

Ninja: Good At Gaming, Terrible With Bread

As professional gamers and influencers start to bleed into other parts of life, we get to see the things they’re not so good at. For Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, that includes cutting bread and avocados.

Ninja made a star appearance in Bon Appetit’s “Back to Back Chef”, a video series featuring NBA stars, celebrities and other notable faces. The task was pretty simple: make a bacon egg and cheese sandwich with verbal instructions. And having worked three years of shifts at Noodles & Company, a US-based casual dining restaurant, you’d think Ninja would do just fine at making a basic sanga.

And the first minute or so went OK, until the professional chef told Ninja to cut two slices of bread from the middle of the loaf. That became a surprisingly complicated endeavour:

The most heinous crime, however, was what Ninja did to the avocado. Instead of cutting around like everyone else, Ninja just … cut the entire thing in half.

I don’t even want to think of how sharp that knife had to be to cut through an entire avocado pit that cleanly. When hearing about what happened, the reaction from Carla Lalli Music, Bon Appetit’s food director, says it all:

If you enjoy watching a professional have multiple double takes while giving what seems like relatively basic instructions, the whole episode is pretty fun.

Toad in the hole with hot sauce or solid BBQ (or the BBQ Sriracha!) is the best hangover food, too.


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