Now THIS Is How You Play The Switch In Bed

Now THIS Is How You Play The Switch In Bed
Image: <a href="">Kotaku Australia Facebook</a>

The Switch can go wherever you go, but some places are harder to play than others. Fortunately, nothing stops a bit of gamer ingenuity.

We’ve already written about one clever trick from a user who wanted to find a comfortable way to play the Switch in bed. But that’s got nothing on this lifehack from Rick, posted to the Kotaku Australia Facebook page:

The box sits on top of your head, with punctured holes around the sides to allow airflow. The small blocks keep the Switch in place — which has the JoyCons disconnected, to keep the frame as small as possible.

Rick also posted a shot from inside his DIY Switch Box:

I love this so much. Sleep probably wouldn’t be easy – how comfortable could cardboard on pillow be? – but playing with a Switch controller or any wireless/bluetooth pad would be nice and comfy. And it’s a hell of a lot better than holding the Switch up in the air.

You might have to take the box off after half an hour or so, but your partner sleeping next to you would probably appreciate all the glare being beamed into the cardboard box and … not their face.

So let’s all bow down to the DIY Switch gamer of 2019: Rick. You, sir, are the champion.


  • Lol, he looks like Steve from Minecraft playing VR! Awesome bit of Macguyvering there. Merry fkn Christmas, Aussie Kotaku Team!

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