Oz Comic-Con Has Just Been Sold

Oz Comic-Con Has Just Been Sold
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Reedpop Australia, the organisers behind some of the biggest conventions in the country including PAX Australia, has announced that they have sold Oz Comic-Con to Expertise Events.

Reedpop Australia announced the news via Facebook this afternoon, revealing that Expertise Events would become the new owners of the pop culture convention.

“The decision to sell our Oz Comic-Con events is not a reflection on the hard-work of the team, the support of our exhibitors or the passion of our fans – it is time to let another team take the reins,” Reedpop Australia wrote.

Oz Comic-Con Has Just Been Sold

Reedpop clarified in further comments that PAX Australia “is not affected” by the sale.

Expertise Events has a long history in running consumer events in Australia, although none of them have much connection with pop culture and gaming. The company’s most consistent event in 2019 was the Craft & Quilt Fair, which ran across most major Australian cities, the International Jewellery Fair in Sydney, and the METexpo media and entertainment conference, which largely focused on the technical aspects of media delivery, broadcast and transmission infrastructure, which also held a few panels on esports and the challenges it presents for live production.

“We would like to thank everyone who has attended and been part of this amazing journey. You gave us the opportunity to celebrate our pop culture obsessions with the best fans in the world – and for that we’ll be forever grateful,” Reedpop Australia said. Reedpop had only recently asked fans on November 25 to fill out a guest survey to help shape the line-up for 2020.


  • From an Exhibitor’s perspective that’s might well be a good thing, Reed were pretty awful, although I don’t know Expertise Events so Jury’s out on them. They probably won’t be any better, but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

    Compared to Oz Comicon Supanova is just miles ahead and the people behind it are pretty good. Even though retail profits are down everywhere, and exhibitor’s absolutely felt it at Supanova, they actually put in a lot of effort bringing in bigger guests (which brings a lot more customers and enthusiasm, both of which help exhibitors), charging less and as one of the smaller stalls I’ve talked to the head honcho of Supanova’s organising group twice (as well as a few other representatives) – once at this year’s Comicon where he asked us how our weekend had been (he wasn’t wearing Supanova gear, discussing or promoting it at all, I think he was genuinely there as a fan), and once at Supanova where he asked us what he could do to make the event better next year for stallholders (not saying this was entirely altruistic – numbers of stall holders were down from last year, but it was a genuinely nice gesture). Meanwhile I’ve only ever talked to one representative for Reed Pop, they were a low level and seemingly miserable employee. The only thing they asked was ‘can we sign you up for next year?’. Reed only ever saw you as dollars in their pocket, and even the general attendance at Comicon seemed to feel it this year.

    In a market where it’s impossible to avoid comparison between the 2 Supanova is actually run by people that care about pop culture, while Reed just banked on the name Comicon and expected people to keep showing up with a weaker and weaker guest list every year. Also they treated the Artists’ Alley terribly this year, they’re already hard done by, and what I heard talking to some of the artists there was pretty disappointing.

    I’m not surprised to hear they’ve sold Oz Comicon on, they were never interested in putting in the work and didn’t care about their exhibitors. This year the lack of exhibitors (due to higher cost, lower profits compared to Supanova) and ticket sales (we saw significantly less people this year over last despite there actually being less stalls, both compared to last year and Supanova this year) were obvious even to casual attendees, and that obviously not enough stall holders expressed interest for Reed to keep the con next year is no surprise.

    That all probably sounded like a lot of pent up irritation, and it was, frankly it’s not often you can complain about bad pseudo-employers outside of conversations with market people and stall holders.

    • From my understanding, ReedPop bought Oz Comic Con a few years ago, but the old owners were still involved in running it up until only a couple of years ago.

      You could definitely feel the quality of the guests fell after ReedPop started running it exclusively. Then the cut of a couple of the shows.

      The guest line up this year was pretty dismal until maybe only a month or so before the show.

      It’s suprising given they run New York Comic Con. Also PAX is pretty well run and attended.

  • Well I’ll be fucked; never thought Australia actually had a Comic Con; guess I was just busy playing computer games and the such; hope it goes well for those who dig but don’t see myself being a giant pink sea turtle anytime soon thank god..

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